The Rosebery, Clerkenwell

It happens every now and again. I never know exactly when, but I can usually feel it creeping up on me. 

It makes me scratch, then the corner of my eye starts to twitch. I get annoyed really easily and start to snap at people. The washing, cleaning and work seem endless, an insurmountable mountain that I will never climb. Then one day I just know, ENOUGH. It is time to get away, because if I don’t things are going to get messy.

In short, I can’t do pressure for long.

So, I made a deal with myself a while ago. When I feel the ‘scratchys’ coming on, I am going to get away for a bit. Sounds simple right? Well, with all of my outgoings and a secret (actually, not secret at all) penchant for dresses and pretty shoes – I have a budget that will get me much closer to Twickenham than to Thailand. So, what do you do if you need a break, but you don’t have the time or money to go abroad? Well, if you are me you opt for a luxury break a bus ride away.

This time, it was the turn of The Rosebery in Clerkenwell.

The Rosebery, Clerkenwell

(picture of the bar downstairs)

The Rosebery:

*The Rosebery is one of Supercity’s Aparthotels (half hotel, half apartment). The Rosebery provides fully furnished serviced apartments including luxurious bathrooms, fully fitted kitchens and air conditioning . Guests staying at The Rosebery can also enjoy Supercity’s complimentary wi-fi, weekly maid service and daily concierge.*

I arrived looking and feeling a tad too weary, especially as I had only taken one bus to get to Clerkenwell. In my defence, I had spent most of the previous evening in front of a computer (with a bottle of wine) trying to make an impossible deadline that had been hanging over me for far too long – in short, I was knackered.  So, when the glossy receptionist welcomed me into the equally glossy foyer, (wearing what looked like 6 inch heels, no exaggeration) I decided that I really had needed this break, and the next couple of days would include a manicure, pedicure, plucking, tweezing – and more wine.

On the assurance that the apartment would be lovely and quiet, I followed the glamorous receptionist to the elevator which we took to the 5th floor (I avoided looking in the lift mirror whilst standing next to her, you know, just for sanity’s sake). As we climbed each floor, I got more and more excited about the peaceful pampering weekend ahead of me.

A room at the Rosebury Clerkenwell
The Room:

Do you know what silence sounds like? I do. It sounds great.

One of the benefits of staying somewhere that is immaculately clean, is that there is not much else to do other than chill out.  It has to be said, that the rooms at The Rosebery have very impressive windows. The windows in my room were floor to ceiling and with so much natural light coming in, there was a real sense of  space and of being high up above the London mania. The view of London can be absolutely breathtaking depending on which room you choose.

If I am completely honest, I prefer a bit more ‘fluffiness’ – I am a flowers and chandeliers type of gal – but the utilitarian, understated chic really is just what you need when you are escaping a manic schedule or a cluttered life. Determined not to turn on the flat screen tv in the lounge, instead I plugged my iphone on to the speakers provided, selected John Legend and put my feet up on the couch.

As a warm glow shone through the window, I had to acknowledge that this really was bliss, absolute bliss of the rarest kind. This is what life should be like, shouldn’t it?

Luxury, comfort and penthouse apartments.

The Rosebery
20 Rosebery Avenue

Tel:  020 7837 4400