Beauty products

Kiesha MeikleIts been a pretty hectic start to the year and it’s only March.

Did you see all our health and fitness content? For those who don’t know, we launched our very first annual ‘Barriers to Fitness’ campaign in January – February. We have posted case study stories, reviews and advice on how to overcome barriers to good health and fitness and we hope to create even more content the next time around. Due to so much interest, we still have some health and fitness content to go up on the site – this will be posted during the week.

In April-May we will be focusing on home, health and healing so stick around for that won’t you.

Due to our campaign, we have had very little time to post about the other great stuff that has come our way. So, with that in mind I thought I would do a quicky round up of my favourite finds of 2017 so far…yes, I am a beauty junky so this is all beauty related stuff! You’re welcome.

Beauty products

I have acne prone skin so…

DermaTx Clarify productsI have been trying out The DermaTx Microderm Abrasion kit to sort out my acne prone skin. You get a DermaTx Clarify Cream (I got one for oily, enlarged pores, which includes professional grade mineral crystals, salicylic acid, retinol and Tea Tree Oil to fight bacteria). You also get the vibrating cleaning brush which I think is a bit of a bargain as I would have bought the brush by itself to be honest. The brush gets DEEP into your pores and gently cleans everything out – but doesn’t feel abrasive at all. I haven’t broken out yet and if nothing else my face feels pretty darn clean and smooth. I’ll be doing a full review of the product soon, so will let you know what I think of it – one for the acne prone gals out there! £70, available online.

I want to be a ‘red lips to Waitrose’ kind of woman, but I still can’t find the perfect shade so…

I saw this:

No7 the perfect red lip

Red lipstick moisture drench no7Got sucked in to the marketing and opted for these three shades because they were deep and dark enough – remember, these lipsticks are for day time wear so can’t be too bright. There is a subtle difference between the three: 1. Soft Cherry 2. Pillarbox 3. Soft Paprika, yet they all have a rich tone which looks pretty good on my (very) full lips. I will be rocking them on Instagram soon, so follow me innit 😉. No7 have a Match Made service at Boots, so you can find your perfect make-up shade there. These Moisture Drench lippys are £9.95 each.

We have so many other products to mention, so I will be choosing a few faves to post about soon.

If you want more Editor’s picks, let us know below.