Woman holding sugary doughnut

Kiesha MeikleHere at StyleAble headquarters standards can sometimes slip…especially in the kitchen. Sharing a kitchen (and an office) can mean that the eating habits of others rub off on you. ‘Chocolate anyone? Crisps?…Oh, well it would be rude not to.’

If, like me, you have made the loftiest of plans to get fit and trim for 2017, it can be made that much harder if your colleagues are partial to a bit of galaxy chocolate (you know who you are). And who the hell invented elevenses? You sir, have added pounds to my waistline. The only way to avoid being lured by the chocolate fiend is to create a distraction with some healthy alternatives – yes, we will be writing about healthy office snacks soon – but getting kitchen ready is also a great way to avoid the junk.

What do I mean by kitchen ready? Here’s what we’re doing:

 Share Nutri-Fit Nutrition Extractor Blender
(This blender now lives on my desk, so I don’t forget to use it in the morning)

Our morning routine which used to mean rounds of toast, croissants and pretty much anything bready will now consist of a smoothy made possible by the addition of a Nutri Fit Blender (£48.99, Andrew James). Luckily, we are not far from the market so ‘£1 a bowl’ means we have a great selection of fruit for our new little gadget. This is quite simply the Schwarzenegger of blenders, it can even grind coffee and nuts.  We have big plans to grind our organic coffee beans but to be honest, it will probably just be the fruit.

We often work late and end up buying junk from the local takeaway – well you try staying focused at midnight when you have  deadlines looming and a client chomping at the bit. Our office is like a home away from home, so I got my hands on a 2 in 1 Air Fryer (£29.99, Aldi). I made sweet potato fries and they were unbelievable. It took 25 minutes and a bit of cinnamon and salt and pepper.  You just plug it into the mains, cut up your potato and bung it all in. It switches itself off when it’s done! This is also a great one for home as it creates delicious meals without the need for deep fat frying. You may need to check if you are able to use this in your office kitchen, but if you are, grab yourself one as you will save money (and save yourself from a spare tyre) by cooking healthy options for lunch and late nights in the ‘orifice’.
Are you kitchen ready??