Eiffel Tower

Pink Primark gloves with dog face printA recent interview between style blogger Leandra Medine and French style aficionado Inès de la Fressange, got me thinking about style – specifically my own personal style…

The interview was all about how to achieve French chic, I say achieve because for anyone who is not French, it can take more work than most of us would like to admit. Many have tried, many more have failed. When asked how women make themselves feel more French, Inès de la Fressange replied; “In France they don’t want to show that they have made an effort”. Sounds easy, right? Well, the problem is that I know alot of people who don’t want to show that they have made an effort, the result is somewhat underwhelming – they look scruffy or a little boring, rather than chic or arty…I include myself in this summation.

The truth is, I don’t know whether it is a lack of focus or enthusiasm (probably both), but I can’t seem to pull off the ‘I don’t care, I’m naturally chic’ look.

I heard a French woman once remark, “In Paris, women wear only black”. I doubt this, but you see my point.

Mulberry Pink Calfskin 'willow' Tote Bag

Whether I am shopping in Uniqlo, French Connection, Mulberry, H&M or Prada, I will always make a beeline for the brightly coloured, quirky or alternative. Whether my budget is £5, £50 or £500, you may rest assured that I will always opt for the pink bag, the dress with the interesting print and the weirdly cut coat (they will always have it in stock because nobody else wants it). What’s more, I very rarely see the point in buying anything black or navy blue and the only white shirt I have, has not seen the light of day since I wore it for a job interview years ago.  It seems Parisian Chic will forever be out of my reach and I am ok with it…for now.

(Pink Calfskin ‘willow’ Tote Bag, Mulberry)

Being in your 30’s, nobody expects you to ‘dress your age’. but will I be able to carry off my pink gloves with the dogs on them forever? Should I be lusting over these pink glittery shoes with cat faces on them, especially as they only come in kid’s sizes? I just think they would be cute with jeans, no…?

Pink Glitter flats

(Skittles Annabelle Ballerina Shoes available from Brantano)

I suppose the decision is and will forever be mine, embracing your own personal style takes guts, a thick skin and an ability to appreciate the style of others without feeling like you need to look like them. If I am honest, I will take pink glitter over French chic any day – finding it in my size on the other hand…

What do you think? Can you do French chic? What is your personal style?