Not long ago, I decided to leave the day job and take on blogging as a full time occupation. It wasn’t an easy decision to make and if I am honest, it’s not all a bunch of roses. However, being free to make my own decisions, work to my own schedule and do what I love is pretty fantastic…

I have had to learn quickly. Blogging as a hobby compared to blogging as a career is very different. Whereas my half assed, slap dash approach to my craft seemed to be ok before, I have had to develop a more professional approach to things – as there seems to be more at stake now. Whereas before I spent most of my time sitting in front of a computer, I now have a team of fantastic writers and find that most of my time is spent meeting with PRs rather than writing copy.

I blog for this website, as well as writing articles and blog content for a number of magazines and sites, so being organised has become a priority for me. My diary is manic at best and until I can find someone to take some of the load off, I will need to keep on finding ways of getting organised. Some of the things I am learning along the way, I really wish I would have known before…most have to do with getting organised.

For those blogging as a hobby but looking to go pro, this is for you. Here is my essential pro blogging kit for PR meetings, blogging on the go and much more…

Waterman Hemisphere, Pen Heaven

A great pen: Do not underestimate the appeal of a great pen.  I meet with PRs alot, so having a pen and a notepad to hand is an absolute must – sometimes a plastic bic just won’t do…you know? I have been scanning Pen Heaven and recently found the Waterman Hemisphere. It reflects my style and looks really slick because it’s a fountain pen…yes, I am that person. I will be ordering one very soon – customised with my name of course! #win #boss

 A phone with an amazing camera: My LG phone has the best camera I have ever experienced on a phone.  I used my LG camera at the last Notting Hill Carnival, which I covered for my Huffington Post blog – the pictures were amazing. Nuff said.

Knomo ElektronistaA bag that does everything: My Knomo Elektronista handbag is a stunner. It has an inbuilt battery charger which I use all the time (I never remember to charge my phone). Every compartment speaks to me, I carry pretty much everything in it and I wear it everywhere. Every pro blogger needs a bag like this, trust me.

A camera: I love my Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3.  I can whip it out of my bag when I need a quick (but high res) image. What’s more, it’s white, which means I don’t look like a photographer with a massive black camera – people tend to be more at ease when I point it at them! Little do they know…

A mini keypad: Despite some pretty compact laptops now available on the market, I will never want to carry one around. However, when I have a spare half an hour between meetings, I like to get work done. The only real option is a tablet. Since going pro, I have taken to carrying my Logitech Keys-to-go mini keypad with me, which I use with my Google Nexus tablet. The keypad is so flat and dinky and I can synch it to my tablet and type away. This can be a fiddly way to do things, but once you get used to it, you will thank me for the tip!

Are you a pro blogger? What is on your must have list?