Shiny twirly hair

Nobody wants to admit that they want hair extensions, but very few of us are blessed with Rapunzel-like hair – so what to do? By Lisa Thompson

The truth is, most of us could do with a helping hand to recreate that Sarah Jessica Parker ‘just got out of bed’ lioness mane, or the sleek style of Nicole Scherzinger. Whether you find the idea of extensions daunting, or you’re a regular user of one of humanities greatest gifts (of course it is!) you will be happy to hear that StyleAble are here to help you in your quest to achieving gorgeous locks.


(They say even Repunzel had a weave!)

The demand for hair extensions is rapidly increasing, but so too are the number of different attachment techniques: sewing, clips, micro rings, glue – so how do you decide what is best for you?

For those who want perfect hair in minutes, I have tried and tested the ‘I&K Synthetic One Piece Hair Extension’, which is a full head piece from This piece has clips already attached, meaning you can be out of the door super quick – perfect for ladies on the go. You can clip it in and take it off when you like, giving a very versatile hairdo. I have to say that using this piece was simple and very effective for everyday use. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking I had just stepped out of the hair salon…

Lisa Thompson before and after

If you have a little more time in the morning, or want a new ‘do’ for an upcoming event, like other hair extension websites, have a variety of hair extensions to suit almost every hair type. Worried you will order the wrong type of extension? Most websites will send a sample for you to try before you buy – definitely ask for this first.

Most of us  hesitate before using hair extensions because we don’t want to damage our natural locks and we want to be kind to our scalp. With moderate use and regular hair treatments, hair extensions are pretty safe. The goal with hair extensions is to have the most natural look you can achieve. Play around with colours, find a length that suits your style, but most importantly enjoy them!

Having fuller, longer hair can be fun and beautiful, so why not?

Are you for or against using hair extensions?