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Mascara is like the icing on the cake – no look is complete without it. By Reef Choudhury

Just a few strokes of mascara can make all the difference to your face, giving it a dramatic effect. Mascara’d eyes instantly make you look more expressive and beautiful. As the saying goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.”

For me, Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara is the holy grail.

Mascara Wand

Searching for the perfect mascara has been the bane of my life, probably for you too. I thought I would never find the perfect one and I’d have to spend the rest of my life fiddling around with the messy business of false lashes, especially for those events where dramatic eyes are a must.

Well, search no more – I have what we have all been looking for.

Reef without mascara

At £19.50 it certainly seems quite pricey, but this mascara actually does what it says on the box. It lengthens, it curls, it volumises, it lifts and it separates your lashes. It stays on all day and it is super waterproof – you can wear it wherever and whenever you want. This baby is for all occasions!

The specially designed brush with its custom dome tip defines even the tiniest lashes, revealing lashes you didn’t even know you had. To achieve maximum volume, length and lift, position the wand horizontally and wiggle the brush from side to side, from base to tip. To curl and separate, position the wand vertically and use the dome tip to stroke upward, paying attention to the outer corner lashes to give a big doe-eyed, fluttery look.

Reef with mascara

Want even bigger lashes?

Top tip: To get an even more dramatic false lash effect, apply baby powder to your lashes using a cotton bud in between coats of mascara. Prepare to be amazed with the powder-boosted, pumped-up results!

Important Information: 

Top tip: Every so often before bed, moisturise your lashes with olive oil or any kind of moisturiser to keep them hydrated. It’s easy to forget that our lashes are actually tiny hairs and should be treated as such.

So, what do you think?