FruitAre you reneging on that ‘must lose weight’ resolution you set yourself at the turn of midnight this New Year? Well, you’re not alone – and Sourced Market may have the answer to all your foodie prayers. By Ellie Day

We’ve all been there – starting off the New Year with boundless optimism, promising ourselves that this year will be The Year We Get Healthy. Then, a few weeks in, our commitment to the detox cause starts to wane somewhat. With a recent study showing that 60% of Brits fall off the healthy-eating wagon by day 30 of the New Year, Sourced Market have come up with an ingenious solution to our perpetual oscillation between thinning and sinning. Following on from the success of their St Pancras café, they have sprung up a Pop-Up shop at London’s Old Street tube station which caters both to the health-conscious and to those of us who pursue a more extravagant attitude to food.

At the Retox Vs Detox shop, you can choose between the healthy and the indulgent, or even mix it up a bit, ordering from both sides of the Jekyl and Hyde-style menu. It’s a place in which anything is possible (within reason) – want a new veggie take on a Scotch egg ? No problem – just order the beetroot version. Want to combine super-virtuous green smoothie, AND a calorie-laden brownie? Sourced Market’s got it covered.

DoughnutsThere’s even a handy colour-coded menu to help you decipher the saintly from the sinful. On the ‘green’ healthy menu, nutritious options including gluten-free banana bread, green juices, and paleo egg muffins are on offer. On the altogether more indulgent ‘red’ menu, hedonists can yield to such treats as gourmet burgers, craft beers, and the amazing sounding ‘Ultimate Bacon Roll’. In the interests of thorough journalism, we did sample the food on offer from both menus (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it), and we can confirm they will not leave you disappointed.

In true artisanal East-London fashion, the Pop-Up’s focus is on natural, locally-sourced food from small, independent producers – with food cameos from Timmy’s pies, Mallow and Marsh marshmallows and Emily Fruit Crisps. Sourced Market was founded with the idea of bringing good quality food to the masses at music festivals (a departure from the questionable-looking burgers sold from white vans which were the sole offering of festival food previously) and with their Detox Vs Retox shop they stay true to this aim. Quality doesn’t come cheap, so you can expect to pay £5 for a sandwich, but it feels like £5 well spent – and beats a Boots Meal Deal any day!

According to Sourced Market’s owner, Ben O’Brien – “…the secret to healthy living is a balanced diet and maintaining a balanced diet is a lot easier if you allow yourself to indulge in a bit of a treat from time to time. We all have our weaknesses and you can only resist them for so long!”…

Well put, Ben – we couldn’t agree more! To sample some of the treats on offer at the Retox Vs Detox Pop-Up at Old Street Station make sure you visit between 7:30-22:00 Monday to Sunday until 26th March.

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