Bliss“My name is Bliss, I love my name, it suits me so I just use it! I am a New Yorker who lives in Los Angeles. I am the Head Cherub of my business, Heavenly Handbags.

Years ago in NY I bought a beautiful vintage needlepoint handbag from a friend in the antiques business. I received so many compliments on the very first day I carried it, I bought another and another and another and my wonderful Heavenly Handbags business began!

Each and every Heavenly Handbag is true vintage c1915-c1960s. Each beauty was fashioned from needlepoint panels hand sewn by a woman for her own personal use then “finished” by a shoemaker according to her personal taste! Thus there is only one of each pretty purse in the world.

I am constantly inspired by fashionable women on city streets, designers, magazines, vintage show clients and my Grandmother, Mother & sisters who have beautiful personal style.

My style is so idiosyncratic that responses vary greatly. As Heavenly Handbags’ Head Cherub, I wear wings every day,  so I receive frequent stares as well as compliments. I am always remembered! The most fun is Halloween when I receive so much kudos on my “costume” – it’s hilarious when they later realise my style is year round!

I love the Heavenly Handbags with roses best because I can carry a flower garden on my arm in all seasons in city settings.

I adore so many designers. I enjoy pairing a Krista Larson silk organza dress over vintage Zelda, a Donna Karan blazer with a Cynthia Ashby dress. Magnolia Pearl and Michal Negrin make my heart race! I frequent Anthropologie for fun “staples”.

Wearing long black dresses and skirts while carrying a vintage tapestry Heavenly Handbag gives me an urban gothic Victorian romantic vibe which speaks to my heart – I’m usually drawn to the style of the  “governess” in Victorian or vintage films.

I am often described as “romantic Victorian goth” because I wear round glasses, carry a floral tapestry Heavenly Handbag, have “big” jet black hair, wear black lipstick, violet blush and wear primarily black with an occasional white or gray accent piece – I love this!

Remember, fashion is lifelong- for everyone of every age who loves to add their personal style to the world!

I’m eager to laugh, talk & help put a Heavenly Handbag on your arm (I love to “Play Purse!”)”

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