Pixiwoo doing makeup

We’ve all fallen into the trap of a late night YouTube binge. Searching for tutorials of the latest eyebrow styling technique or Kylie Jenner lip tutorial, but amongst the hundreds of thousands of video results there is one channel that I hold above the others. Sister duo Pixiwoo, created by make-up artists Sam Chapman and Nic Haste, have always kept me engaged and passionate about the beauty industry. By Neal Dakota

Pixiwoo shot themselves into the limelight 6 years ago when they began to share their industry secrets and make-up tutorials. With quick fixes, tutorials rich with information and a wealth of knowledge, they’ve managed to grow their audience to over 1.5 million subscribers and counting. Being industry giants and social talent superstars, when they released their first collection of make-up brushes in 2011 under the company name Real Techniques, every beauty fanatic, make-up enthusiast and industry professional almost wet themselves with excitement.

The brushes were a huge success, each being carefully designed to apply, blend and carry out the tasks of multiple brushes with the intention of being affordable and accessible to everyone. With over 30 brushes ranging in price and starting from as low as £5.99, the quality of these affordable brushes has already built a reputation for the brand that some competitors have taken decades to achieve.

Bold Metals Brushes

Due to the success of the original brushes, the sisters wanted to create a more premium line targeted more for the die-hard make-up enthusiast and industry professional. The Bold Metals collection showcases seven new intricately designed brushes. All have been weighted to improve grip and pressure, ensuring the best application. The brushes still have the three colours; gold for base, blue for eyes and rose for finish. All handles are tapered to a diamond shape to prevent the brushes rolling off any surface (that was a huge selling point for me).

The original brushes are incredibly soft, but the Bold Metals line has used the highest grade of synthetic hair meaning they’re even softer. Using synthetic hair eliminates any concerns for animal welfare and unlike brushes that use real hair, they’ll absorb less product during application. The line has every brush you’d need for a full-face application. The brushes that have seemed to spark the most interest are the flat contour brush, which allows you to really carve out a strong cheekbone and sculpt the face, and the triangular foundation brush carefully tapered to allow you to blend your base into every plane of the face. Even though the prices for this line range up to £25.00, Sam and Nic still wanted the brushes to be widely accessible which is why they can all be found in Boots along side the original line. You can view the brushes on boots.com with stock coming soon. I myself cannot wait to get my hands on this collection and will always recommend Real Techniques Brushes to anyone interested in makeup.

 Have you tried the Real Techniques brushes yet?

Bold Metals Brushes in Packaging