Knomo Elektronista

Bag this beauty!: Knomo’s Elektronista Digital Clutch…

Knomo London is a luxury company producing  thoughtfully crafted products for everyday use. Here are my thoughts on their black Elektronista Digital Clutch Bag, £249. By Ellena Kkolos

If , like me, you often feel like Mary Poppins when rummaging through your handbag just to find a tissue, the Elektronista Digital Clutch Bag may just be the answer…

Knomo Elektronista

Surely something this simple and chic can’t be multi-functional?

Knomo ElektronistaWhoever said looking good wasn’t practical? Apparently, judging a bag from the outside is something you should never do as the Elektronista Digital Clutch Bag is not your average clutch. It is a clutch bag that unfolds into a practical organiser with lots of features and functions that are essential to your everyday life. A pouch for your digital tablet. Check. An in-built battery charger. Check. Space for cables and headphones. Check. Most importantly, there is somewhere to put your lip-gloss. #winning #boom

There is a detachable strap making it work savvy and practical by day and ultra cool and sophisticated by night.

Behind the exclusive Knomo design is Copenhagen-based technology blogger,  radio broadcaster and TV host Christiane Vejlø. The idea struck when she failed to find a designer bag that could accommodate all her essential gadgets, keep them charged and look great.

Ok, the price is a little steep at £249, but it’s constructed from lightly tumbled full grain leather and has a Grosgrain lining and bespoke gold-look hardware features. Not only is it very luxurious and high-end, it has a superbly stylish design and is super practical by day and night. So, although the price may be a little staggering, just remember this is no ordinary bag it has some pretty fabulous positives.

I am not one to gush, but this is definitely a product that I would recommend to anyone, especially for those (like me) who need a little organisation in their life – it’s a no brainer.

…I better start putting some pennies in my ‘handbag fund’.  After all, a bag like this could be seen as an investment, right?

Knomo Elektronista

Watch the Knomo bag in action…

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