Was it John ‘Hannibal’ Smith who coined the phrase “I love it when a plan comes together”?


Well, it’s definitely fitting seeing as I have come up with a vetritable ‘A team’ of make-up products for you. (See what I did there?)

For the last few weeks, I have been tirelessly hunting for those elusive ‘must haves’ from the beauty world – not just those which have been hyped by the glossies (although some have) –  I mean the affordable, game changing, daily wear, gems that just have to become a staple of your make-up bag. I have gone through every product I could get my hands on and come up with just 5 for everyday perfection (…you’re welcome).

Sleek Face Contouring Kit1. I’m not saying I want to look like Kim Kardashian but…

Have you heard of Sleek? If not, you should get to know them. I have known about Sleek for some time and to be honest, I used to think their products were pretty dire. Two words ‘no longer’. They have come up with a range of great products, one of which is the Face Contour Kit. This is contouring made really quick and easy, even for those who like me can’t seem to master the art. With four shades to choose from, each one has a highlighter, lowlighter and blush. As long as you know where to put each colour, this is a contour queens go-to product if ever I saw one.

Sleek Face Contour Kit: £9.99

2. If you are wearing the same lipstick everyday, this is for you…

NYX is a brand that is currently on the lips of every beauty vlogger worth their Youtube account. I am now a fan and recently got hold of their lip gloss (immense), but more importantly I now have their matte lipstick in Nude. This lippy goes on like a dream and is the perfect ‘mixer’ for my current obsession with dark purple and maroon lipsticks. I just apply my usual tone and then go over with the Nude until I get the shade I want for that day. What was once a make-up bag with just three lipstick colours, has now become so much more. Love it.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Nude: £6.00

3. Time for a new mascara? Go green…

Green People that is. From the brush to the product, the Green People mascara is a dream – especially for those who want to apply more than one layer, as it stays moist for some time.  The Green People mascara is certified organic and also contains vitamin E, sunflower oil and organic beeswax.

Green People Mascara: £14.75

4. Eyeshadow for everyone:

…And it’s back to Sleek, aren’t they doing well? So many shades in one palette, all perfectly chosen for your skin tone *sigh*. This is 12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadow and they shimmer beautifully. Oh and you just can’t beat the price.

Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes: £7.99


Nanshy make up brushes
5. All hail, the brush to beat all other brushes…

“I found love in a…” Who would have thought that it was all about the brush? I often wondered why despite using the same products, some of my friends would have flawless looking skin, whilst mine looked…well, less so. It was all in the brush darling. Nanshy have a great selection of 100% cruelty-free, vegan, synthetic brushes. My favourite is the Flawless Foundation Face Makeup Brush – it is a game changer, trust me. They say “Use this flat brush starting at the nose, brush using outward strokes toward your cheek. Continue with downward strokes toward the jaw, cheeks and chin. Then finish with light brisk strokes across the forehead. It evens your tone and balances your complexion for a creamy, healthy look.” I did it, it worked, nuff said.

Nanshy Flawless Foundation Face Makeup Brush: £9.95


What are your favs?