The Ivy Market Grill

Whilst sipping on a pint of Thistly Cross (with Whiskey) in my local, I realised that despite having a real passion for what London has to offer, I – like most – tend to go to the same restaurants and bars all the time…

It’s not that I don’t have the opportunity to venture out and try new things, I just choose not to. Like so many people, despite the urge for adventure by the time one steps outside the impulse has completely worn off and been replaced with a gust of cold air (that’s it, just blame the weather). With this in mind and for all of you hidebound locals, I thought it only right to let you know about a few amazing new establishments. This a list of newly launched restaurants and bars that may just tempt you out. In fact, I challenge you to pay them a visit…

Cicchetti, Covent Garden

Prawns at Cicchetti

A recent launch, this has to be my favourite place to dine when leaving my local. Cicchetti (they have chef Aldo Zilli in the kitchen) is based in Covent Garden and is a MUST VISIT  if you are ever in the area and in the need for delicious food.


The truffles with pasta is exquisite (my favourite dish) and is rich enough to only require a small portion to completely satisfy every tastebud. Honestly, this type of cooking cannot be done at home, so you will just have to pay Cichhetti a visit. A great place with chic décor, great food and fantastic service.

The Four Thieves Pub, Battersea

Said to be ‘A pub, entertainment venue, ale brewery and gin distillery all at once’, The Four Thieves Pub is everything you might need for a night out.  This pub has the feel of a great ‘little local’, but one that comes equipped with a comedy room and the most amazing food. For those who are not based in Balham, The Four Thieves pub is worth the journey, even just for the gin.

Battersea Signage
In fact, they brew their own ale and distil their own gin…yes, right there on the premises. There are live acts including music and of course great comedy – your guffaws won’t spoil the nights of the other punters as it all takes place in a separate enclosed area. The menu is varied and anything from lentil salad, to burgers as big as your head can be yours for around the £10 mark. This is a cool and kooky little place and best of all they keep the lighting extremely low, so not a bad option for after dinner drinks with a date. There is also an outside area which is huge, but sure to be absolutely heaving in the summer.

Did I mention they have a boat bar? They have a boat bar.

The Ivy Market Grill, Covent Garden

The Ivy Market Grill is the newest offering in Richard Caring’s Caprice restaurant group, which takes inspiration from its famous cousin The Ivy. Set to open its doors in London on 24 November, they will also launch a Christmas partnership with Kids Company, which is set to generate significant funds and encourage donations of gifts to help vulnerable inner city children and young people.

The Ivy Market Grill

Unlike The Ivy, the new restaurant caters for ‘walk-ins’ and bookings, it also offers a more relaxed and informal dining experience but still with the same amazing food and fabulous decor.

Stay posted for more from my list of London’s newest restaurants and bars…