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We will be throwing light (and sometimes shade) on those products and brands that have caught our eyes, or tickled our taste buds. We will do our best to bring you the new, the innovative and sometimes the downright outrageous.

Fruit flavoured Bubble teaFor this series we have gone East – well, in theory. In actual fact, our first stop was in London’s Soho. We visited Bubbleology to sample some of their tea…bubble tea that is. Chatime was next on the list for a quick sip of their recipe too.

What: Bubble tea with PLENTY of popping boba baby!

Who: Bubbleology vs Chatime

Why: Bubble tea is becoming more and more popular in the UK. Although, there are still too many people who have never tried it. Three words: It’s da bomb.

Let me start off by saying, I am no Bubble tea expert. What I do know, is that Bubble tea is the name given to flavoured fruit teas and milk teas served cold (or hot) that come with tapioca balls. The tapioca balls are often referred to as ‘Pearls’ or ‘Boba’. Bubble tea is from Taiwan and was invented in the 1980’s, it then made its way around the world to Asian countries, Australia, North America and is growing in popularity in the UK…actually, I am an expert!

Bubbleology, Soho

My first try of Bubble tea was at Bubbleology. Their teas have a base of green tea, black/red tea or white tea and they are infused with natural fruit flavourings – the milkier ones taste like the most delicious milkshakes in the world (in my humble oppinion). If you can imagine a milkshake with extra juice and a whisper of tea, you’re there. What’s more, there are so many freaking flavours. You can throw caution to the wind and go for a mystery house special – they give you a random choice selected by whoever’s making it – you can even have extra tapioca and add in some popping boba, you know, those little balls of popping juice (oh my god). Can you tell I like it yet?

Jasmyn drinking AMAZING Bubble tea @Bubbleology #bubbletea #London #soho #delicious

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(Jasmyn drinks Bubble tea @ Bubbleology, Soho)

Don’t judge me but I went for every single flavour, just to try them (…in the name of research of course). Every one was different but just as good – juicy or milky.

Chatime milky Bubble teaChatime, Soho

It has to be said that Chatime had a hard act to follow. Not only had I tried Bubble tea for the FIRST time at Bubbleology, they also exceeded my expectations. My first taste of Chatime Bubble tea was also pretty good, although there was definitely more of a tea taste and it was less sweet. My guess is that Chatime make Bubble tea in a more ‘traditional’ way (I have heard that in the East, food and drink is much less sweet than in the West). I tried four flavours – one of them was of the milky variety. All contained either tapioca or fruity jelly bits and were really refreshing. Unfortunately, although still good, Chatime could not compete with the sheer deliciousness that is Bubbleology Bubble tea.

Woah there! Before the Chatime fans come at me, if you like your drinks to be a little less on the sugary side, Chatime is a good option. Also, if you really like the taste of tea more than fruit, then once again, Chatime is your place.

So, there you have it. Wherever you choose to go, Bubble tea is delish.


Chatime Bubble tea

Have you tried Bubble tea? Which do you prefer?