Autumn is officially here, but with the change of season comes the inevitable change of footwear…

Boots are the obvious choice for this time of year, and there is no boot more perfect for Autumnal showers than the wellington.

But what kind of wellington boot to choose? And what does your choice say about you?

After researching amongst my circle of friends, I have surmised that wellington boot wearers fall into just a few categories.

Take a look and see which category you fall into…

The designer wellington: for those who want to wear their wellies everywhere (rain or shine)

These are people who wear wellington boots for the label, the Hunter types. They will wear their wellingtons anywhere from festivals (usually paired with designer cut off shorts and sunnies) to horseriding to Waitrose and almost anywhere in-between – in most cases, it neither needs to be raining nor muddy. Their wellingtons are usually understated and bought in dark colours inorder to be worn with EVERY outfit.

Generic forest green wellingtons: for those who desire function over form

These people will always opt for unbranded, forest green wellingtons – strictly function over form. They are the campers and the gardening enthusiasts, those who wear their wellies when tending to their blossoming Passiflora Incarnata or when hauling soil out of the back of their cars. They will often spend a minimal amount on their wellies and don’t care what they look like. Why would they? They just want to keep their feet dry and and their clothes safe from mud.

The personality wellington: for those who want to express themselves through their wellies

And then there are those wellington boot wearers who choose their boots to reflect their personality. This is the category that I fall into. I will wear them in the rain, to work with tights and a skirt, with jeans for walks in the park, to events (with a brightly coloured mac), even out to lunch with friends. Our wellington boots are a bold statement, they say something about who we are and the louder they say it the better. (My wellingtons are navy blue, with large white polka dots and purple straps – yep, they are pretty hard to miss.)

In truth, with so many styles to choose from, finding wellington boots to suit you can take a bit of research. My advice will always be to go crazy! Have fun and let your wellington boots brighten up what can often be dull and rainy days.

So, as the winter draws ever closer if you haven’t yet invested in a pair,  maybe it’s time you thought about the type of wellington you should wear…

My spot print wellingtons are from the The White Stuff and cost £35.