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Top five architectural styles you can bring into your home…

Do you love Grand Designs as much as I do? If so, it’s probably because you have aspirations of building your own home from scratch one day (we can dream!). Most of us will only get as far as making simple alterations to our homes – but if you could, which architectural style would you go for? The number of possibilities is very exciting indeed…

Interior Design

1. Georgian

Georgian architecture is very specific, and is probably the hardest to pull off. The starting point for most Georgian architecture is symmetry. Designs are somewhat simple, but large and – above all else – elegant. Georgian interiors work very well when the original style is maintained or referenced. Georgian style architecture is best executed as an extension on a Georgian home, or as a new build going up in an area of similar properties. This is probably the most important style to seek consultation on (included in the cost of an architect).

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2. Minimalist

Modern architecture has become quite complex, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. Minimalist design is a celebration of simplicity, and can create the perfect blank canvas for sculpture and art.  A minimalist approach to design is great as an addition to an existing modern building. Again, it can be particularly powerful when contrasted with something unusual and complex.

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3. New England cladding

There is a real trend for New England cladding in the UK. Cladding is often used on just the top half of a property, and is becoming particularly popular in coastal regions – new properties can struggle to find rendering which can last against the strong sea breeze. New England cladding is establishing itself as an architectural favourite and can give a property a more homely feel.

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4. Art Deco

Art Deco design can be both simple and bold. Art Deco is making a real comeback in residential design, with curved corners and lighter tones particular favourites in the Art Deco world. Popular modern tweaks include the use of stained glass and even embedded lettering.

Interior Design

5. Organic architecture

Organic architecture is huge at the moment. As more people around the world become concerned for the environmental impact our lives are having, organic architecture will continue to play a part in architectural design. Organic architecture can work equally well in rural and urban locations and can provide the perfect opportunity to set your home up with green technologies.

What is your favourite architectural  style?


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