The Lounge

The LoungeImagine kicking off your shoes, settling back on a reclining leather chair and being served cocktails whilst watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster – sounds good, right?

Which is exactly why I couldn’t wait to pay The Lounge at ODEON Whiteleys a visit. The Lounge takes the cinema experience to a whole new level. A heady combination of luxury which includes a super chic bar, small, intimate screen rooms and food delivered straight to your seat…bliss.

I have long lived by the motto, ‘decadence in all things’ and thanks to The Lounge, this may now include visits to the cinema!

Food at the Lounge

The experience begins as soon as you walk through the door –  straight into that super chic bar. If you choose to eat in front of the big screen, your food is discreetly delivered to your seat whilst you watch. Need another glass of wine or cocktail during the film? No probs, there is a button you can press on your chair which let’s your waiter know you need a refill, you’ll find it right next to the button that reclines your seat! Seriously, there is so much leg space you could pitch a tent.

The Lounge say, “Each screen is designed so that it has the optimum space and lighting to ensure that our highly trained waiters can deliver your food discreetly to your seat side table with minimal interruption to the film. Each table has an innovative layer of sound proof material so that minimal noise is made when your food is delivered. Every detail has been carefully considered; even the waiters’ uniforms and the plates are black to minimise the distraction from your film.”

The Lounge

Food at the LoungeThey really have thought of everything. My only issue when visiting the Lounge was that it got pretty chilly in there. What is it with cinemas and extreme air conditioning? There was also something quite strange about having so much space.  I must be pretty old school, as in some ways I missed the cramped but cosey feel of being seated super close to your date.

…That said, there is also something wonderful about being able to recline your chair, sip a cosmo and eat gourmet food in front of The Inbetweeners 2.

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