B-Soho is situated just a few minutes walk from London’s Oxford Street – which is a little bit of genius on their part. Why? Well, because after a few hours of shopping and tourist dodging, a pizza can be pretty life affirming. 


Renowned for their huge portions, authentic toppings and chewy crusts, B-Soho is a great choice for pizza lovers (like me).  For those who like big portions, satisfaction is guaranteed (I promise you will struggle to eat a whole pizza to yourself, or at the very least have a very tired jaw). What sets B-Soho apart is that their pizzas are unashamedly decadent – there is something about the sheer size of them that leaves you feeling a little naughty, almost as if you have been given permission to eat an entire chocolate cake to yourself.

My quattro formaggi was delicious and although I prefer a less dense crust, it was still one of the best I have ever had. The cocktails were also impressive and our waitress accommodated a request for non alcoholic versions – which were not on the menu.


Designed as a ‘home-from-home’ hang out, expect to see leather armchairs, quirky lamps and exposed brickwork when you visit. This place is a little bit Soho, a little bit Shoreditch and a lot cool. It may have just been the night that we visited, but B-Soho also appears to be a haven for beautiful people, nor do they look out of place in the chilled-out retro styled venue. It is obvious that B-Soho is aimed at young Londoners – in fact the flock of local ‘trendys’ who pop by for after work pizza and coolers seem to be B-Soho’s core clientèle.

Saying that, this is not an ‘exclusive’ restaurant and there really is a ‘come one, come all’ feel to the place. Even those who do not like pizza will find something from the varied menu, which consists of dishes to satisfy most tastes (as long as you like Italian food!).

So, if you are in need of some pizza loving after a day of shopping. Or if you are simply looking for a cool place to have cocktails, check out B-Soho…pizza fans will not be disappointed.

Average spend £20 per head.

B-SOHO Pizzeria & Cocktail Bar
21 Poland Street

Tel: 020 7287 1661