Vege burgers

I am a vegetarian and I love burgers. Sound’s strange doesn’t it?

Before I became a veggie, my diet was pretty reckless. I ate kebabs, fried chicken and I was a dedicated fan of the bacon double cheese burger. Giving up kebabs and chicken was hard enough, but in truth, I was never really prepared to give up burgers – I simply had to find a way around it…

I went from ordering standard burgers and removing the meat (have you ever tried asking for a chicken Zinger Tower burger without the the chicken at KFC? Try it, it’s an experience) to evantually settling for veggies burgers.  I quickly realised that veggie burgers from fast food joints are awful – they really are an after-thought. What you usually end up with is a mushy veg patty that looks like it has already been digested twice (corn and all) – sorry.

In fact, until recently even restaurant veggie burgers have been pretty substandard.

Thankfully there seems to be a culinary shift happening. Restaurants across London are experimenting with the once limp and lifeless veggie burger and the results are pretty impressive. For those eateries who are not yet up to speed, here is how you make a veggie burger that does not resemble a baby food sandwich…

Buckowski Grill, Brixton

The veggie burger at Buckowski Grill is a burger to be reckoned with.  Made with organic black beans, roast butternut squash and fresh herbs and spices, it comes served with; tomato, lettuce, red onion chutney and mayo in a toasted brioche. My number one choice and go-to for Saturday eats. £6.50 

Las Iguanas, Spitalfields

BIG on flavour, the black bean and beet burger at Las Iguanas is tremendous. Rich and smoky and served with a warm toasted bun. Toppings and fillings include melted emmental, sliced beef tomato, gherkin sauce and baby gem.  £8.50

All Star Lanes, Brick Lane

Sweet potato and goat’s cheese is not a bad combo. The veggie burger at All Star Lanes does not pretend be a meat burger. With nacho fried goat’s cheese, a slice of sweet potato, tomato relish and a brioche bun, this is a burger for adventurous types. Delicious! £8.50.

Haché, Clapham

Hache do three types of veggie burger. I always opt for the falafel blue cheese burger which is delicious without being too cheesy. Each burger is made daily and includes chick peas,  parsley, chilli, coriander, onions, and garlic. A great taste combination £8.45.

Meat and Shake, Tooting

The Rosti Potsie is a mammoth of a burger. It has sweet potato rostie, goats cheese, harrisa mayo, tomato, lettuce,  beetroot, red onion and aioli.  I ate the Rostie Potsie with a knife and fork as the consistency was quite soft, but it was all extremely satisfying. Elasticated waist recommended. £8.20

Mildreds, Covent Garden

Mildreds is a vegetarian restaurant. Their halloumi burger comes with  red onion, rocket,  chargrilled aubergine, harissa and tahini sauce. They serve their burgers in a sour dough bun with relish, red onion, rocket and tomato. Mildred’s is a MUST VISIT £9.10.

The Joint, Brixton

The Joint are very different when it comes to their veggies burgers – simply a selection of vegetables in a bun. Their veg come BBQ’d with a topping of salsa and guacamole in a homemade bun. There is a homemade quality to the burgers at The Joint and their onion rings with BBQ sauce are pretty good as a side. £7.00.

Anymore for any more?