The Pearson Room dining area

A window seat, a delicious 3 course meal, a selection of wonderful wines and a sommelier waiter called Fabio from Florence…

At The Pearson Room (Canary Wharf), it seems they are leaving nothing to chance.

Located in corporate Canada Square, the setting for this restaurant could be called dramatic. High rise buildings surround the restaurant’s floor to ceiling windows and on a sunny day, the view over Canary Wharf is pretty impressive. (The Wolf of Wall Street would feel very at home here).

The Pearson Room dining area

Opting for cocktails before our meal, my deliciously strong and fruity concoction consisted of a melon mousse topping, which resembled an ice-cream swirl. I don’t usually like novelty cocktials, but this was very cool and felt more decadent than  gimmicky.

For somewhere so obviously catering to the cream of Canary Wharf’s crop, it was great to discover a very unpretentious menu. A delicious selection of meat and fish dishes had us opting for baby squid to start – which was tender and well seasoned – steak, which according to my companion was ‘wonderfully moreish’, lobster pasta with a simple tomato sauce and all rounded off with a chocolate dessert that was so rich, we could only share one between us.

Throughout the entire meal we had a selection of wines which perfectly complimented every dish.

Que Fabio…

Having a waiter who knows his wines as well as he knows his bank balance, is pretty darn great when you are about to have a 3 course meal.

Short of asking Fabio to join us at our table, we talked about our favourite wines and listened to him explain which were the best and which were the most outlandish expensive. Fabio helped to select all of our wines, from red to white with a dessert wine to finish.  We were very happy with his suggestions especially the Sauvignon Blanc from Mendoza, the Broglia Gavi di Gavi La Meirana and the Chateau Saint Romans Bordeaux which were reasonably priced and complimented each course perfectly.

With coffee to follow, we eventually left The Pearson Room feeling thoroughly satisfied (and very tipsy).

With such impressive surroundings, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff and delicious food, you could spend hours at The Pearson Room. If you are ever in Canary wharf, it is well worth a visit – oh,  and if you get stuck on which wine to choose, remember to ask for Fabio…


There are lifts up to the restaurant and all toilets are situated on the same floor. Lots of open space for wheelchair navigation. No alternative formats.

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The Pearson Room
16-19 Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5ER

Tel: 0207 970 0920