Re: Spa layout


Hot StonesBeing in Canary Wharf is like being in a different city.

A city where it is completely normal to be surrounded by insanely clean, organised, glossy buildings and streets. A place where pigeons and litter are seemingly banned and potholes are scarce.

For those who don’t work in the area, Canary Wharf may seem like an unusual place for an evening out or a weekend spa treatment – being a little too corporate and sanitised for leisure time activities. However, for those who do work locally, they will be aware of one of Canary Wharf’s major attractions: Re:Spa, located in Reebok’s Sports Club. In truth, I have never been a regular to the Canary Wharf area, but after my pamper day, I will definitely be returning – a visit to the Wharf can be more than just work related.

Muscle Melt massage at Re: Spa

When you are scheduled to have a Muscle Melt massage, the one thing you don’t want to be is late. Sadly, after dealing with the traffic leading up to Canary Wharf, I was late – and decidedly tense too. On entering the plush looking Re:Spa, which forms part of the Reebok Sports Club, I was asked to fill out a form which included questions about illnesses and medication.

My guess is that the staff often have to deal with the stressed, overworked inhabitants of the surrounding glossy buildings, in fact, I can pretty much guarantee that this spa must be fully booked given the location. 

Handed a gown and fluffy slippers, I followed my therapist into a dark cocoon of a room, filled with the soft scents of aromatherapy oils and lilting music. As I began to get undressed, I was told that I would not have to remove all of my clothing. What? A massage where I don’t have to wear a paper thong? Oh the joys!

Keeping my knickers on and covered in a towel, I laid faced down and anxiously awaited my muscle melting experience.

And then I fell asleep…


I have been lucky enough to have had a number of massages over the years. I am not gloating, it really just is a perk of the job and even the worst massages are pretty darn amazing. This was one of the best. The treatment uses a combination of essential oils, deep massage techniques and hot stones, so no limp wrist massaging here.

Was I already quite tense and desperately in need? Yes. Would I have been happy with any old massage? Probably.

The difference here is that my therapist had got the balance just right: firm, rhythmic, with good technique. 

I have had massages that were too soft, others that felt weird and many which have had me in butt clenching agony (often with good results I have to say). Not this time. As the therapist worked her magic every ache in my back, strain in my muscles and irritation in my skin began to dissipate and I was able to drift into a delicious slumber.

I awoke feeling chilled and rejuvenated – in fact, the world seemed a much nicer place.

As I drank lemon tea in the relaxation room, I wondered how many of the stressed of Canary Wharf have opted for a Muscle Melt after a hectic week, or a particularly stressful presentation. To be honest, if this was the prize it might just be worth it…it’s not called the Muscle Melt for nothing.

The Reebok Muscle Melt is priced at £69.00 for 50 mins.

Re:SPA, Reebok Sports Club, 16-19 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5ER

Tel. 020 7970 0912