No11 Pimlico

No11 PimlicoIdeally located close to Victoria station, No.11 has a relaxed atmosphere, good food, an excellent selection of wine and bar staff willing to indulge your every request. In fact, No.11 appears to be a restaurant, bar and gastro pub all rolled into one – making it ideal for almost any occasion.


The decor in No.11 is stylish yet understated. There is nothing to jar the senses yet, in the same way, there is nothing to excite you either. This is not your edgy, trendy eatery. In fact, there is a real feminine feel to No.11 – all muted tones with the popular shades of grey that seem to be in every home and restaurant these days. There is no doubt that No.11 is chic. In fact, in many ways No.11 has managed to strike just the right balance between design and comfort – styled, but not overly so. This place is a great choice for breakfast, lunch or an evening meal. No.11 has a very pleasant atmosphere and takes on a warm, romantic glow, with some creative mood lighting in the evening.


Ordering the crispy peppered squid with parsley and garlic aioli was a fabulous idea, as it came very close to being the best I have ever had. The grilled sea bass that followed was very well cooked and seasoned and the chips (which we could not resist, despite previous promises that we would) were deliciously light but crispy. Our malbec was perfect and my only regret is that I did not find out the name of it, so I could get some for myself. Yes, we over indulged, yes we ordered the apple crumble for dessert, yes it was worth every pound of subsequent weight gain! The menu is not hugely diverse at No.11 but there is a good selection of dishes and what there is, appears to be prepared extremely well.

No11 Pimlico


Our waitress, although attentive,  seemed at times to to be rushing (either us or herself, I cannot be sure), this is not always a good thing when you are trying to choosing from a menu. This aside, our waitress had a good understanding of each meal and was able to respond to our many questions about ingredients and the way each dish would be prepared and presented. Her recommendation of the sea bass was spot on for my tastes and she won extra points for the apple crumble, which had the perfect fruit to crumble ratio…did I mention that I loved
the crumble?


Prices range from around £14-£17 for a main and £6-£8 for small and sharing dishes.

No.11 PimlicoAccessibility:

The toilets are located on the top floor, however there are disabled toilets on the ground floor. There is lots of open space on the ground floor, making navigation easy. The top floor, which is often used for private events,  is inaccessible for those in a wheelchair as there are no lifts in the building. No.11 Pimlico is within easy walking distance from Victoria station.

11 Pimlico Rd

Tel: 020 7730 6784