Cup of tea at a deskDo you remember the ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat’ ad? Or even the diet coke break ad?

Well, Twinings have recently launched their very own version in the form of a Huffington Post hub, dedicated to the mid afternoon work slump.  The tea company have been releasing a new article, video or gallery daily at 3pm over the last few weeks.

I usually dislike this type of marketing, but this actually made me laugh as I am guilty of it myself.

It happens around 3pm everyday. All morning I have been a dynamic superwoman – answering questions before they have even been asked, wrestling the printer into submission, skillfully dodging unnecessary requests with awe inspiring speed and agility.

Tea cups and teapot

Then, I feel my powers begin to ebb away.  I start to find excuses to leave my desk, as the words on my screen become a jumbled mess of nothingness.

Offering to make a cup of tea at this time is perfect. Not only do you get to make yourself a delicious beverage, you also come across as a real giver, even a freaking hero in my office.

So, how did Twinings know about my 3pm slump? Because I am not alone that’s why.

Ask the question “cup of tea anyone?” at about 3pm, in any office across the world and you will get the same resounding response “oh, yes please!” or “Si, si gracia” or “Shì de, qǐng” or “haa tahay fadlan”. You get my point.

Twinings are calling their hub ‘Make work wonderful’ – Bit of a stretch, but I see where they are going with it. A cup of tea at 3pm is wonderful!  Calming, life affirming, soothing and perfectly distracting.

As you may have guessed, most of the articles on the hub  are work or office related, although I have to say some of them are pretty funny. My favourite so far has to be ‘Dealing With Difficult Colleagues: The REAL Reasons Your Co-Worker Blanks You.’ (their timing was perfect – I ‘ll say no more about that one).

The hub is fine for those who can surf the net without their bosses hanging over them, but for those who suffer from overactive boss syndrome (this is a real ailment), then you might want to check it out on your phone.

Visit the Twining hub here: