wolf of wall street

For some, the antics of the lead characters may have left a bitter taste in their mouths and understandably so. A platter full of greed, splatterings of debauchery, a generous helping of narcotics and all on a bed of shameless capitalism. Me? Well, I found it quite delicious. By Guest Blogger.

In the past year, and increasingly in the last few months, there has been a distinct movement in pop culture towards messages of getting the most out of life,  filling it to bursting with enjoyment and excitement – often regardless of the possible repercussions.

This devil may care attitude, seems to me a backlash from the plunge and now (apparent) rise in the economy – people lose their jobs, but gain new perspective. They start new jobs, realising that they can actually bounce back – often into new careers or self employment. Then, the walls start falling down and what was once so scary becomes a bit of a thrill. “I no longer work for the man, I am an entrepreneur.” “I have less money, but I have more time.” “Life may be tough, but I have realised that I am tougher.”

wolf of wall street dicaprio

It is hard to see job losses, poverty, a damaged economy etc. in a positive light, but sometimes fear can be even more damaging and life threatening.

Back to the Wolf of Wall Street. Corporate greed at the expense of the common man. There are obvious moral drawbacks to be found here – I admit that part of it is pretty uncomfortable for me. However, the idea of going for what you want, having the courage of your convictions, taking risks and seeing a mediocre life of enforced blandness as unacceptable, that I can stomach very well.

Is it better just to live a life of risk taking? Maybe not in a reckless way, but one day you will have to make a decision to grab life with both hands and ride it like a broncho – or not.

Obviously, some risks are better than others. I have friends who like adrenaline sports, some like to bet on the horses, others may like luging.

I don’t judge.

Some of you reading this will think this a pretty irresponsible article. That’s fine – I choose to say what I think, despite the risks of you not liking what I have to say – in fact this is part of the fun.

Me? I like to watch the Wolf of Wall Street, share guest posts and wait for comments – everyone has their poison.