Women in office

Work, work, work. Some of us focus so much on our work, that we even miss out on our lunch breaks, a time that’s supposed to be used to rest, recharge and refuel.

Taking a break is even more important when you’re sat at a computer all day. Sitting at a desk is bad for your posture and bad for your health, after all there’s no way you can get the recommended 10,000 daily steps if you are sat in a desk chair. This means that the circulation in your legs and feet can become poor too.

Meanwhile, all that staring at a computer screen is damaging to your eyes and can lead to headaches.  Despite this, many of us allow deadlines and the determination to ‘finish something off’  stop us from taking a much needed break.

If you work in a high-pressured environment, meditation is a great way to get a break from not only work, but daily life. Releasing yourself from the grind can be good for you and for your business – allowing you to approach challenges with a fresh uncluttered mind.

Dark office

Meditating in the workplace:

If you have your own office, close the blinds for a few moments and sit either on the  floor or in your chair. Inhale and exhale slowly, focusing only on your breathing. If you can, put on some soothing music. Classical or meditation music can work very well. If you don’t have  an office, try hiding out in a toilet cubicle for a few minutes. You may feel silly, but nobody’s going to check what you’re doing in there. Provided you go into the toilet when nobody else is in there, a toilet cubicle can be one of the most peaceful places in the building!

If you’re more of an outdoorsy person, or feel like you might like some fresh air, find a quiet spot on a bench somewhere instead. Fresh air is a great way of helping you to relax, and there’s nowhere better than a park.

If there really is nowhere for you to escape to, remember that the most important thing for meditation is breathing. Fill your lungs as much as you can, hold it for a moment, then empty them completely. You may feel silly, but if the people around you notice, encourage them to do the same and you just might find yourself an office meditation buddy.

 Have you ever tried meditating at work?