Holidays are great, but they can be insanely expensive. Here are five top tips for holidaying on a budget! By Kiesha Meikle

1. Discount Hotel Sites

There are a tonne of discounted hotel sites out there and you can get some great bargains no matter where you’re going. If you want to stay somewhere fancy but don’t have the funds, discount hotel sites are a great place to start. Some allow you to see them before you buy the ticket; others are a secret until the booking is confirmed. Which you go for depends on how daring you’re feeling!

2. Cheap Flights

Much like discount holiday sites, you can find cheap flights online too. How cheap they are will depend on how picky you are and where you want to go. For instance, Europe is much cheaper than a trip to America and booking early and going off peak will reduce the price considerably.

3. Plan Your Meals

It sounds boring, but planning your meals in advance can work out cheaper in the long run. Some hotels will have meals included with your room but if not, doing research into cheap local eateries will help you to cut the cost. When in doubt, pack some food in your suitcase that will be easily stored and will provide you we have a cheap / free option for when hunger strikes.

4. Look for Vouchers Online

There are plenty of voucher sites online and it’s worth checking them before/during your holiday. Different sites will have different discounts and these could be anything from a meal at a fancy restaurant to a bargain treat for you and your travel companion. You never know what you may find…

5. Stay at Home!

Well, not quite. Stay on home shores. It’s amazing the magical things that are on our very own doorstep that we don’t even notice until someone else points them out to us. Do some research on an area that interests you, for instance, if you’re a history buff, you might be into Stonehenge, or a literature geek may enjoy Nottingham. You don’t even have to be by the sea to have a great break on your own doorstep.

Stay posted for our upcoming reviews of Bath and Winchester…

Do you have any other suggestions for a budget break?