Zandra Rhodes

Zandra RhodesDid you know that Zandra Rhodes has a fabulous London penthouse, atop of her self-founded London Fashion and Textile Museum? Well, she does and what’s more, after 50 years of her illustrious career she is as busy as ever. Jealous much? We were.

“I only flew in from California this morning”

Wow, you are busy! So, what is happening right now for you? We know you have  partnered with ethical fashion house People Tree to launch a bespoke range, ‘Happy Woman’. Why this particular label?

“At first I simply thought it was a great cause and that People Tree did a very good product. And then of course having gone to India with the founder of People Tree, Safia Minney, it led me along to realise what a good cause it is. And one to keep plugging away for.”

Of course, you also have your amazing fashion museum in Bermondsey, we love  the workshops….and you run the fashion school there too.  Do you think that the museum was a successful venture for you?

“Well I definitely think it’s had an impact on making the textiles more visible.”

Zandra Rhodes So, what’s next for you?

“I’m doing a show called Go Red for Women and it raises awareness that, actually, women have strokes and heart attacks more than they get breast cancer.”

You are a real advocate for women’s causes. Not just health, but women’s rights in the workplace too…

“I think women have a harder road all round in whatever they go into. The only thing I would say is – pointing it out can cause you more trouble.”

You have great hair, not everyone can carry off such a bold pink. Is that a favourite colour of yours…design wise I mean?

“One designs in whatever one needs.”

Well, you have been designing since the 1960s, do you have any advice for present day aspiring designers?

“Only that no hard work gets wasted. And unfortunately you have to work harder and harder to get there right at the beginning.”

Happy Woman’ is the new collaboration between Zandra Rhodes and People Tree.

Happy Woman