ho the hell has so many cushions on their bed, that they have to be removed before they can lie down? Me, that’s who. In fact, it is necessary to stand three feet away from my bedding ‘display’, elst you may find yourself swallowed up, lost forever in its womb like softness never to be seen again (this has been proven). I also have a cupboard that my fiancé calls Narnia and over 100 pairs of shoes – in short I like excess, which means I am greedy ( in every way). So what about you? What does your excessive shopping, clutter and need for more shoes than you could ever wear, say about the person you are?…this is fun.

The hoarder : Do you find it almost impossible to throw things away, even though you know they are well past their best? Are you having to step around, over and crouch below objects just to move around your home…hmmm, you could be hoarding. Hoarding is often due to procrastination, so before you are forced to buy a new house, think about how much you really need something and then make a decision! Keep only one of each thing (if you are a multiple buyer) and try giving your excess stuff to charity, it is much easier to give something away than throw it in the rubbish.

The penny pincher: Do you go to 4 different shops to make sure you get the cheapest offers when buying your groceries? Do you find yourself resenting paying for a round or leaving a tip? Ewwwwww. Well Scrooge, you just might be a taking the saving thing just a bit too far. It is great to save money, but when it becomes obsessive you could end up working way too hard just to save a pound.

Gorgeous green shoe with ankle ribbon

You might even become a bit of an outcast (nobody likes a Scrooge). Instead of penny pinching in every situation, operate a spend- splurge system. Have a budget for your evenings out and try to save on things like lunches and groceries by looking online or forward planning – plan ahead and loosen up (your purse strings) it might save you some leg work.

The spendthrift: Ah yes, the spendthrift. The person who thinks nothing of spending every penny on items they probably don’t need and will forget about within about a day. The word greed springs to mind, but spendthrifts are quite often optimists too, people who think that everything will work out somehow…until they get that credit card bill. Don’t land yourself in debt over ‘stuff’. Feed your need to shop by just looking and leave the credit card at home. If you want it badly enough you will go back for it. Things don’t maketh the man (…or something like that).

Which one are you? Have I missed any? Tell me, tell me!