Face Yoga

Face Yoga

We all want the benefits of looking younger –  which usually means that we want to  feel better about ourselves. In this image obsessed world, it’s no surprise that thousands of people are going under the knife to achieve youthful perfection. But surgery is fraught with risks and is obviously extremely invasive.

For thousands of years, Yoga has been known for its spiritual and health benefits.  Today, yoga gurus across the world are developing new techniques to address our want of youthful looks, ultra toned bodies and to provide an alternative to going under the knife. Danielle Collins is an experienced Yoga coach and has developed a method which uses traditional techniques to exercise the upper and lower face – Face Yoga.

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga method combines 18 exercises which take about 20 minutes to complete, first focusing on the upper face and then the lower. This technique must be done 6 days a week with a rest day on the seventh, to allow the muscles to relax.  If practised regularly, Face Yoga is said to have anti-ageing benefits, is said to reduce lines and wrinkles and give the face a lifted appearance. Your skin should look more toned and firm, with a healthy glow (the technique is also said to relieve headaches).

Face Yoga can take some time to have a noticeable effect,  the muscles on your face are smaller compared to the muscles on your body. However, time and focused exercises should achieve results. Danielle’s method combines yoga technique with the latest research, and is said to ensure only the best natural, anti-ageing results.

You can perform this method wherever you want and you won’t have to take time off work to recover from the surgery or risk any scarring.

*Danielle is an experienced Yoga coach and is based in the beautiful Spa town of Bath where she offers private yoga sessions in her own studio.