K10 tempura

K10 chilli squidSushi…No, good sushi is the foundation of genuine happiness. *serious face*

Although, to be honest, I am no sushi snob – I will take it however I can get it. If I can’t get to my local Japanese eatery (Fujiyama, Brixton) then I will go anywhere and I mean anywhere – even the supermarket. So, having agreed to review Moorgate’s K10 (great reviews on TripAdvisor) I knew that regardless of the quality, I would have a good time.  Little did I know, that what at first glance seemed like a standard kaiten (conveyor belt restaurant), was in actual fact going to be my new favourite sushi restaurant.  I swooned over the most delicious sushi, sushimi, hot dishes, katsu curries, teriyakis, tempura…oh and the baby chilli squid? Please.


Deliciously fresh, pleasing on the eye, full of flavour…need I go on? Apparently, K10 do not allow microwaves in their kitchens and you can absolutely tell. This branch of K10 is extremely busy at lunchtime, with local business people flooding in. In the evening it is pretty chilled out, so you can enjoy your food in relative serenity, taking your time to choose from the coloured dishes (each colour represents a price) in peace.

K10 sushi


Ground floor loos, check. Helpful attentive staff, check. Large open space to navigate around, hmmm… Well, to be honest, after a couple of warm sakis, I vaguely remember having to squeeze past a few diners to get to my coat (which was hung at the back of the restaurant). It was not the best, but there were more accessible seats than the ones we were sat at, so just remember to check with the restaurant if you want to come along during their busy lunchtime period.

K10 dumplings`


The team were super friendly and we were left to eat our food in peace without the usual hovering you can sometimes get. This said, they were always on hand if we wanted anything else (which we did – the food was good!)

K10 dessertLocation:

Being a few minutes walk from Moorgate station, you would think that finding K10 would be a doddle. We got lost twice!  There are a few winding roads between Moorgate station and K10, so get yourself on Google Maps or use your sat nav.

3 Appold Street

Nearest tubes: Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Bank

Email: appold@k10.com or Tel:020 7539 9209