YON KA product range

YON-KA is a French skincare brand, established in 1954. They say, ‘The discoverers and creators of a unique beauty secret with unparalleled powers: an exclusive and treasured formula combining 5 essential oils with extraordinary synergetic properties.’ Here’s what I found when I tried out the YON-KA range…
By Sara Levy.

Vital Defenese Moisturiser: £44

The first product I trialed was the Vital Defense Moisturiser, with plant extracts, anti-pollution, anti- oxidant and anti-aging. This product claims to fight against all theose nasty things like smoke and pollution. Wowsers, living and working in London this bad boy had its work cut out.

Firstly, the product smells incredible and feels delicious, the essential oil fragrances of sweet orange, mandarin & magnolia are divine. Upon application, my usually dry skin drank it up. The texture is creamy and rich but absorbent. Within 4 weeks I noticed my skin was softer, clearer and generally healthier looking. It’s also perfect for application under make up.

The only drawback with YON-KA is that I have not seen the product in stores. Where would the average person go to buy it if they did not want to shop online? The product can be purchased online from: www.yonkashop.co.uk. To be honest, I might have to work nights to pay for these products, but with such a great range I actually think it might be worth it!

SaraAlpha-Contour (for Lips and Eyes) £34

I have never used an eye gel before, although it is probably high time I did. I noticed after 4 weeks of application that my dark circles seemed slightly reduced. The product goes on smoothly under make up and is a gel rather than a crème, which means that it is both soothing and gentle. The Alpha-Contour is not an absolute must- have, unlike the Vital Defense.  The results were not as noticeable, although I’m sure my husband would beg to differ- the product has since disappeared and reappeared in his wash bag. Come to think of it, he is looking younger!

I would recommend Yon-Ka to those who want great skin and can afford to pay for it.

Here I am with a small amount of moisturizer, blusher and lipstick. My skin feels clear and fresh after 4 weeks of Yon-Ka use.