chloe susanna ankle boots

Marc-by-Marc-Jacobs-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-Collection-36The half calf boot? No thanks.

Pick up any women’s magazine, leaf through to the fashion pages and you will come across at least one pair of half calf boots. You see, the half calf (also known as the mid-calf) boot is once again all the rage. I say once again, as like all trends this one has been around before. In fact, I remember the last time we were encouraged to buy boots that stopped at calf level and just how disappointed I felt when I saw myself in them.

For those of us who have curvier, chunkier legs the half calf boot is definitely not the best idea.

It’s not the legs. I have nothing against curvy legs, in fact I think they’re pretty cute (I was once told that when I put my legs together they look like a curvy mermaids tail). The problem is that when you pull a large boot over the slimmest part of your leg (your ankle) and said boots stop where the leg curves out again (the calf) what you end up with is a hoof, or a block….a leg block…a block of leg, you get the picture.

Thankfully, the half calf boot is not the only shoe / boot trend happening right now. Hoorah for the studded biker boot! Check out our pick of the best in biker below…

Dream: Chloe Susanna Gold-Stud Suede Boots £790. Available here.

chloe susanna ankle boots








Spend: ASOS Amazon Leather Studded Biker Boots £42.50. Available here.

ASOS Amazon leather biker boot








Steal: Matalan Biker Boots £18.00 (not quite calf length!). Available here.

 Matalan studded biker boots