Kamique is ideally located a stone’s throw from Leicester Square station – which is handy for those who like to drink as the cocktail list at Kamique is second to none… Kamique Dining Room Close to theatre land, Kamique is one of the latest additions to St Martins Lane and is a great choice for those who want somewhere to socialise, eat, drink and relax. With so much space, Kamique still manages to appear cosy – possibly due to some very intelligent interior design. Whatever the reason, Kamique has managed to achieve the ‘stylish yet chilled’ atmosphere which so many restaurants and bars try to, but so often fail to get right. Seating area There are a number of seating areas to be found in the bar and restaurant area, including the red room which lives up to it’s name by having a combination of red velvet seating, red curtains and red walls. In another venue the red room may not have worked, but as Kamique does not take itself too seriously, it all adds to the fun of the place. Kamique is ideally situated for pre-theatre drinks, an after work cocktail with colleagues or dinner with friends. Due to it’s prime location, Kamique is very popular in the post work hours, especially with their great happy hour offers and loud music. Steak at Kamique Intimate, comfortable, cosy and fun are just some of the words I would use to describe this bar, however it is the food and service that will keep you coming back. The staff at Kamique appear to enjoy what they do, which is made obvious by their willingness to help. Don’t expect to have the same person serve you all night, but don’t worry as this means that you won’t have to wait around for ages if you want to change your order or want to order more. Chocolate cake

In terms of accessibility, Kamique’s toilets are situated down a long flight of stairs which is not great. However, there is lots of room to move around and staff are ready to lend a hand. Kamique have opted for mood lighting, so if you need stronger lighting inorder to see, you may have issues with the menu, especially in the red room.

The food which ranges from 28 day aged steak to pan-fried sea bass is extremely good and it would be a sin to leave without trying the chocolate cake. With an eclectic Mojito list (there are 12 different options available), Kamique is one to remember and for all the right reasons –  good food, great service and a cocktail list as long as your arm!

63-65 St Martin’s Ln