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Tom Ford’s  list of ’15 things every man should have’ unsurprisingly includes a well cut dark suit.  It also includes a smart blazer, and lots of crisp white cotton shirts. Sounds like good advice. The problem is that when it comes to purchasing these items, it can become a real challenge for any man. Why? Well, because unlike Tom Ford, most of us are on a budget, which can really limit your options.

The Giglio Travel Suit
Brook Taverner

‘Well cut’ usually means expensive and opting for high quality over cheaper materials can leave you with two rather than ‘lots of’ crisp white shirts as recommended by Ford. However, knowing where and when to shop as well as what to look out for, can make all the difference. After all, there is no point heading for Hugo Boss when you only have a budget for Next.

When considering buying that all important suit (which may serve as your go-to for weddings, funerals, christenings and interviews!) there are a few important questions to ask yourself:

1. What exactly is my budget? – setting this out beforehand will influence where you go to buy your suit and when you buy it too. If you want an investment suit but don’t have the budget to shell out hundreds of pounds, consider waiting until the sales before you hit the shops. You could see suits reduced to as much as 75% of the original price.

2. How long do I intend to keep this suit and how often will I wear it? – Investing in a suit that you will only wear once or twice in the year is fine, just make sure that those occasions warrant the money you intend to spend on it and that the style will not go out of fashion quickly.

Burton suits
Burton Menswear

3. What do I already have in my wardrobe? If you have a wardrobe full of brightly coloured ties and colourful cravats (well, you just might), consider opting for a more subdued suit that will work with almost anything. If most of your shoes are brown or your best shoes are a certain colour or style, consider a suit that will work with them. Remember, your suit will not be worn barefoot, shirtless and tieless, it all has to work.

Navy Stripe Stokesay Suit

With intelligent shopping, there is a suit out there for any budget. We have included a couple of suggestions below:

Steal, standard quality: Next and Burton offer standard suits, which can often be quite good quality. Hit these shops in the sale and you could walk away with a whole suit for under £100.

Average spend, good quality: Brook Taverner are a brand we have featured before, they are great for work suits as well as suits for special occasions. Their prices range from around the £250 mark, so they are an affordable option with a choice of great styles and premium quality pieces. Hit Brook Taverner during the sale and you are on to a winner!

Splurge: So you won the lotto? Well, get yourself to Hugo Boss.

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