Bumkin Notting Hill

Is it a pub? Is it a restaurant? Who the hell cares, Bumpkin is my new go-to for Notting Hill eats. Serving traditional English fare, Bumpkin has the kind of atmosphere that can make you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door. The prices are pretty decent and the wooden interior (with contrasting prints and colours) gives the place a farmhouse feel – this is the kind of comfort you only really get at home or at a friend’s dinner party…

Decor and Service: If my house were a restaurant, it would be Bumpkin. The florals, mismatched materials and fun colours are right up my street and give the popular restaurant a really relaxed feel.This is the kind of eatery that I love, no pomp, no ceremony just top notch service, delicious food and a comfortable environment to sit and while away the hours.

Asparagus and parmesan starter @ Bumpkin

Food: “Why not try our fish of the day?” Too often has my meal been spoilt by choosing fish over something more substantial (preferably covered in a thick sauce or gravy!).  Yet, I needn’t have worried, as what was presented to me was the most delicious grilled mackeral, with potatoes and beetroot. The fish was neither too crispy nor overly fishy – it was deliciously fresh and well seasoned.

Grilled Mackeral main course @ Bumpkin

The food at Bumpkin is seasonal, so what you get is the kind of food that needs just a little cooking and just a little prep – fresh food will do the work for you. That said, the chef at Bumpkin is extremely accomplished, none of the dishes were cluttered and the taste combinations were spot on.

Delcious main course @ Bumpkin

Oh sticky toffee pudding, how you haunt me still! To top off a wonderful evening, our dessert was a sweet sensation – especially for me and my love of all things sugary. After consuming two courses, I could not finish the whole dessert, but every now and again I have a twinge of regret and a slight craving for the last few moutfhfuls…

Sticky toffee pudding @ Bumpkin

Accessibility: There are disabled toilets on the ground floor at Bumpkin and seating is well spaced for access. Their menu is somewhat busy and the font not very large, however the staff are very much on hand for any assistance that is needed. Bumpkin is situated approximately 10-15 minutes walk from Westbourne Park station.

209 Westbourne Park Rd
W11 1EA

Tel: 020 7243 9818