Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Flyer: Love Thyself

I have bacteria infested skin on my face. No, really, the amount of bacteria on my face is disgusting. How do I know? Because on a recent visit to Environ – who have recently taken up residence in the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool One – I had my face scanned. In fact, they took possibly the most detailed picture of my skin ever taken. The results were pretty off putting…

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool

They were looking for wrinkles, spots and sun damage, but what they found was bacteria (…and wrinkles, spots and sun damage). It wasn’t that I wasn’t expecting some bacteria and damage, just not so much. The Envrion skin specialist warned me that if left unchecked, sun damage, dehydration and bacteria (all of which I can tick on my list) would lead to prematurely aged skin. Great!

The Visia Skin CameraThe tool they used to scan my skin is called a Visia Skin Camera and is an essential part of a science based consultation, which gets to the root of your skin problems. This then leads on to the most  intensive and effective facial ever (short of an actual facelift or Botox of course).

Then came the real work. After my scan, a hydroxy acid exfoliator removed the dead skin (and let’s hope all of the bacteria) from my face. The cleanser was then followed by a moisturiser, which was applied using an ultrasonic wand (which penetrates 4,000 times deeper than your standard ‘hand to face’ method). I was then covered in a thick masque which became rubbery, the masque was then pumped with electrical currents (this does not hurt and I am still alive) and then removed with remarkable results.

My skin looks and feels amazing! So much so, that I have even left the house without my make-up on – given that my make-up and brushes were probably the cause of all the bacteria, this is definitely a good thing.

Environ model with perfect skin

*My Environ specialist then gave me a bag full of products as part of my follow up regime. Recommended Environ products can be purchased following your treatment.

Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Flyer: Love ThyselfFor an Environ facial in London go to: www.skin3.co.uk/environ

If you are in Liverpool, why not pay the Environ team a visit at the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar: