Cheese and pineapple on sticks

The last time I visited Embassy was for a NE-YO and Malibu event. It was dark, there was lots of booze and although quite chic, the décor wasn’t very memorable (I have to add that I was quite drunk). No longer! Embassy have been taken over for six months by fun new pop-up eatery, Retro Feasts…and what a difference a pop-up makes.

Retro Feasts


“Retro Feasts is a food and drink concept inspired by childhood favourites, cleverly revitalised for today’s open minded dinersAnd it’s not just the food that has come over all retro. On entering Embassy, (Retro Feasts) I was faced with what looked like a nostalgic American / British 1950’s diner (yes, it is apparently possible to do both at the same time). To be honest, there is just so much going on at Retro Feasts, that it is almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what the décor is trying to say…it’s a bit studenty, it’s a bit arty, a bit kitsch…ah, who cares – I for one loved it. The random décor, chilled-out atmosphere and friendly staff, made this a fabulously fun night out.

Choc gateau served in a jar!Quality:

Oh, the food was blissful. Cheese balls and pineapple chunks on sticks, fish cakes, Eton Mess, chocolate gateau (served in a jar) – course after indulgent course, all served with a fun twist. There were even fish fingers and sherbet fountain cocktails made with popping candy – the cocktails have a sweet shop theme. All of the cocktails are invented in house and taste like your childhood – seriously!

Service and accessibility:

Our waiter was really friendly and chatty – yes, he knew we were coming to review, but who cares? He also had some great banter and had us giggling over his recommendations of wine and food. A fun restaurant will always need fun staff – nuff said. Accessibility was a bit of an issue, as there appeared to be a lack of facilities on the ground floor and a pretty steep flight down to the ladies toilets. On the plus side, our waiter offered to read our menu out to us, however nothing compares to an alternative format – does he count as audio?

Cheese and pineapple on sticks

Location and price:

Prices range from £5 to £15 on the menu and you can choose from a selection of plates to share. Retro Feasts @ Embassy is within walking distance (10-15 mins) of Piccadilly Circus and Green Park underground stations.

Fishcake and mushy peas

Retro Feasts
29 Old Burlington Street
Mayfair, London

Tel: 020 7494 5660