Woman wears glasses with no lenses

Model in carrot hat

Ah, the fickle world of fashion. You’re damned if you do and then a season later, you’re damned if you don’t. However, there are some fashion trends that no matter the season, the social influence, the political environment (even if Alexa Chung is wearing it), that I will never buy into. Why? Because they are what I like to call an ‘off limit look’, which means they are only for the styled pages of a magazine or the catwalk. This is not to say that any of us should prescribe to a set of fashion rules, there are some people that can pull anything off (I hate those people)…but for most of us, setting our own limits and not jumping on every trend is going to be the best way to avoid a fashion disaster. Here are some of those very trends that I love to hate…
1. Socks with sandals
It didn’t work for my science teacher all those years ago and to be honest, I am yet to see this translate well on anyone in the real world. You will either end up looking like an overgrown schoolgirl who has been allowed to wear her weekend sandals to school, or you will look like I did – someone who took a risk and went too ‘fashion’, only to spoil a perfectly nice outfit with a pair of pop socks.
Socks and sandals - not a great llok in my books

Woman wears glasses with no lenses

2.Wearing Glasses Frames Without Lenses
Look, just because you saw this done in Shoreditch (many, many times) does not make it right – in fact it makes it completely wrong. Why? Because that look has been played out for quite some time now. What’s more, this optical illusion that you are trying to work is actually annoying for those of us who actually NEED glasses. I don’t blame you for trying to work those thick rims, (they look pretty good on those that need to wear specs) but for some reason, it just feels wrong when you don’t actually need prescription lenses. #fail

3. The Onesie
The Onesie is in fact an adult babygrow. So, with that in mind, no matter how blowsy, floral, silky or nipped in at the waist you try to make it (even if you are pairing it with heels), people will probably take you less seriously in it. This look may be an option for a playful day in the park or a coffee somewhere chilled, but if you are wearing your Onesie to work, you are probably too cool to care or need to have a rethink.

4. Meggings
Men in leggings are not my fav.

Male models in meggings

Man in leggings flagging a cab

What is your fav (worst) fashion faux pas?