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Andy Murray and Kim Sears walkingWimbledon is over…yet, Kim Sears’ hair is still a talking point. It seems that bagging yourself a famous partner and having super glossy hair is all you need to become a (sort of) celebrity yourself these days… No wait, I’m not hating, just thinking out loud.

Kim Sears, Kim Kardash, Kate Mid, Michelle Obama (yes, even her…I await the hate mail). It is not to say that these women don’t have other things going on (some more than others),  but the press are always so  much more interested in their glossy locks and chic outfits than any of their other assets. Oh and the press really love Kim’s hair…I mean really.

I cannot pretend to not be interested in Kim Sears’ hair and just how she gets it to look so darn glossy. What no frizz in this heat? Wait, a slow-mo of Kim’s hair everyone! I have even sipped Pimms in the garden with a certain gal pal discussing Kim’s hair and whether there are hair extensions nestled in there somewhere. The tennis? …Oh yes, go Murray.

So, is it the press or is it me? Or is it all of us?

Michelle and Barack Obama(Image: beta.dawn.com)


Take our quicky quiz to find out how much you know about the real lives of these glossy wives (answers below):

Michelle Obama:

1. Yes, she is the super chic wife of the 44th and current President of the United States, Barack Obama (she is also the first African-American First Lady of the United States). But before all this, what was Michelle’s chosen profession?

2. What trend was Michelle’s administration-wide  initiative “Let’s Move!,” aiming to reverse?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine Elizabeth “Kate”; née Middleton):

1. In what country did the Duchess make her first official speech abroad, whilst visiting a hospice?

2. Finish the name of this charity that the Duchess supports: Action xxxx.

Kate Middleton


Michelle Obama:

1. Law

2. Childhood Obesity

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge:

1. Malaysia

2. Action on Addiction

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So, did you get any right?


*Watch a Popsugar video on Kim Sears (…ah well, still time to take over the world Kim):