Ashley Green with Hollywood glam hair
Cute pixie cut on model

The best celebrities are always ‘Done’ even when they are supposed to be off-duty. Why? Because they have to be. Lurking behind every corner is a pap, ready to take that unflattering photo which will find itself on the front cover of some trashy magazine. The average Joe (Joanne) doesn’t have to worry about such things, but just like the celebs, we all want great hair – even if we don’t always have the money to make it happen (stylists are not cheap after all).

Never fear as with a little creativity and a few key products we can all have hair that’s fit for the red carpet. Check out what’s trending in the world of Hollywood hair:

The Pixie style

As seen on Anne Hathaway and, appropriately enough Pixie Geldof, the pixie looks works best on those with very feminine features. Recently had your hair cropped? Use a hair gel or hairspray to give it texture and height. You can really get your hands involved, so use your fingers to help create definition and attitude.

This style looks especially good with bright blonde or cool toned hair so if you’re not already sporting light coloured locks then grab yourself some hair dye and go platinum. This is a great celeb-look for those who already have short hair but want to give the cut a style boost.

Miranda Kerr with bed hair

Bed hair

This is one of those styles that looks as if the wearer has simply rolled out of bed and onto the catwalk and takes very little effort to achieve.  Favoured by celebrities including Kristen Stewart, this look is created by first adding volume using curlers and then adding texture with hairspray or gel for the final tousled appearance. You’ll find a good range of products to give you the staying power you need.

Hollywood glamour

You can’t create a list of celebrity hairstyles without including at least one glamorous Hollywood look. Variations of the Hollywood look are often seen adorning the red carpet during festival season as it’s a fantastic look no everyone – whether you’ve got brunette, blonde or even red hair.

Ashley Green with Hollywood glam hair

To achieve the look you’ll need some hot rollers, hairpins and hairspray to hold it all in place. Begin by creating wide and voluptuous curls using the rollers, then pin them into place to create the classic wave like appearance. A good squeeze of hairspray should keep everything looking great throughout the day and night.


Creating a fantastic and glamorous Hollywood hairdo doesn’t need to take hours in the salon, all you need is a good hairspray, a bit of practice and some imagination. If all else fails there’s always the handy Hollywood cheat of covering up your hair with quaint accessories like a scarf or ribbon! Check out Eva Mendes for a masterclass in hair wrapping with style.



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