Sweet potato fries with a range of dipping sauces

Bunless burger at Gourmet Burger kitchenSummer is here and just like every year, I have waited far too long to get ‘beach fit’ and my plans to fit into a pair of cut-off shorts have once again been scuppered (there is always S/S 2014 I suppose). That’s not so say that I am able to throw caution to the wind, as I am still a few pounds away from a particularly flouncy, floral, mini dress that has been sitting in my wardrobe for some time now…

So, can you imagine my reluctance on receiving an email asking me to go naked at Gourmet Burger Kitchen? Thankfully, not my own bare buns, but for a bunless burger…now you’re talking.

GBK Clapham, London.

Quality: My goats cheese burger had an aubergine in it and with the two wooden picks it felt as sturdy as a burger with buns would. I always eat my burger with a knife and fork (yes, I am posh), and the whole process was made easier because of the lack of hefty buns to cut through. Did I feel satisfied after my meal, yes. Did I miss the buns?…well, maybe a little. I am a sauce fan, so the lack of bun meant I added less sauce, as there was nowhere for it to be soaked up. I probably saved a pile of calories from the lack of carbs and ALOT less sauce, but I had to drawer the line at the chips. The sweet potato fries at GBK are to die for! I ate mine and then began to eye up my companions too. The moral of the story is yes, you can go without buns (at a push), but a burger without fries is like Laurel without Hardy, Sponge Bob without his square pants, Ren without Stimpy…you know, just wrong.

Sweet potato fries with a range of dipping sauces

Accessibility: Good lighting is great, very bright lighting automatically prevents a perfectly good eatery from being a date night option.  Great for accessibility, not so good for large pores. Capiche? GBK is a perfect choice for chowing down with the gals (without the cals). Lots of space for a wheelchair if mobility is an issue, great lighting if brighter than average lighting is required due to a visual impairment, large disabled toilets on the ground floor, helpful attentive staff, not too pricey and larger portions. Pretty darn good…just make sure your foundation is on point, if you want to bring a man along!

Salad sides that come with the bunless burger - includes slaw with no mayo

Gourmet Burger Kitchen: www.gbk.co.uk

*Gourmet Burger Kitchen have just opened a brand new branch in Waterloo, London.

Would you opt for a bunless burger?