Pretty underwear for the curvier gal…

Scenario 1: Excuse me, these are pretty what cup size do you go up to? C? Oh…

Scenario 2: Hi there, these are pretty what cup size do you go up to? Wow, that’s great do you have them in stock? No? …Oh right thanks.

Gorgeous curvy model in lacy top and again in sparkly bra under shirt


For those who not only spill out over a C cup bra, but also tear it to shreds with the shear force of their boobage – this post is for you. (We have something in common). I am not the only DD(+) cup who has asked the question: ‘Where is all the sexy/pretty underwear for those with bigger boobs?’

Ok, it is not as bad as it used to be. Retailers seem to be catching up, but boy is it overdue! So much s0, that when I go to buy a pretty bra in a larger cup size they are quite often sold out.  (When us buxom gals see a pretty bra in our size, we know it is folly to hang about!)

Que Curvy Kate:

Curvy Kate (…and me)

Curvy Kate lingerie collection AW13They say they make curvy girls feel fabulous about their figure – well, it worked on me.

Curvy Kate offers a gorgeous collection of D – K cup lingerie designed specifically for the fuller bust. They have gone the extra mile on fit and the bra that I have is my go to for pretty, feminine but functional support.  They say, “We make sure every garment is tried and tested on naturally fuller busted women with real curves. Only the best fitting designs go into our collections and no garment is launched until our wide range of fitting models are happy. Curvy Kate bras not only support and lift a fuller bust but also complement those killer curves. There are many fresh and fun styles to suit every taste.  Keeping the distinctive Curvy Kate signature we bring new and original designs and whilst we target a young fashion conscious customer, we focus on attitude rather than age. We are simply committed to giving all curvy women a huge range of beautiful lingerie that fits and flatters their fabulous figure.”

*jumps for joy*.

BABES IN THE WOOD bra set from Bras and HoneyHold it! I cannot write a about big girl bras and pants without mentioning Bras & Honey, they are a brilliant online store dedicated to providing beautiful lingerie and swimwear. Yes, they specialise in beautiful lingerie designed for the larger cup’d woman. No, they do not compromise on comfort and support. In fact, apart from a pretty poor website, there is lots to choose from and the fit of their bras are pretty darn spot on.

They say, ‘All our ranges are carefully selected to make the most of the “big bosomed women.”

Bless them.

Curvy Kate: