Jenny MacLeanWe’ve all heard the phrase ‘size doesn’t matter’, well, it couldn’t be truer when it comes to the clutch. Yes, these fantastic purses may be on the smaller side, but they can instantly transform an outfit from dull as dishwater to fun, fashionable and chic. By Jenny MacLean.

An assortment of brightly coloured clutch bags (red, pink, green and multicoloured) in varying shapes.


Although clutch bags have always been an evening-wear accessory, this summer they’re breaking away from tradition and even entering the realm of smart casual day wear.

Metallic, silver clutch bag and matching dressIndividuality

Clutches are set to be a big thing this summer but ditching your usual large handbag on a permanent basis would be a definite no-no. How on earth would you fit everything in!? Rather, think of the clutch as more of an acquaintance, or work colleague: someone that you might take out for drinks but wouldn’t tell your life story to.


Whilst the style itself may be easily recognisable, there is plenty of variation within it. The range of colours, materials and shapes all differ and while they’re traditionally carried in your hands, there are a number of clutch bags being sold with detachable chains to give you even more choice over how to wear it.

So popular and versatile are these bags, that a recent US based report revealed they were the only type of bag permitted in stadiums – now that’s certainly a strong endorsement!


Burberry Spring/Summer 2013 clutch bag

So, what do you think? To clutch or not to clutch?