Step by step images of how to do the sock bun technique

Ladies, have you had enough of your long straight hair and would like to style or curl it using a very cost effective and heat free method? Well, I saw a video on Youtube on how to curl your hair using a sock bun….Oh yes, a sock bun!
By Leslie Cousins

Now, one of the difficulties I encounter as a visually impaired lady is styling my hair. Not just the challenges of operating electronic hair devices, but also judging in front of the mirror whether I’ve done a good job or not. However, my sight loss does not stop me from re-inventing the way I look. There are other ways of overcoming certain issues.

The sock bun technique is one of the easiest ways of curling your hair, without worrying about the complications of using an electronic device. It works brilliantly, especially if you are blind or partially sighted as the process is so straightforward to follow.

Here’s a step by step on curling your hair using the sock bun technique:

1. Grab yourself a pair of old socks

2. Cut the end (the toe bit) and then roll the sock until you reach the other end (creating a donut shape)

3. After creating a sock bun, tie your hair with an elastic band

4. Once you have done this, grab a spray container and spray your hair with water (don’t make it too wet).

5. As soon as your hair is damp, hold your hair up and start rolling the end part onto the sock bun until you reach the other end.

6. Leave it tied and rolled overnight.

7. Unroll and untie it the next day and you’ll feel the difference. You’ll feel that your hair is curly and bouncy.


*Please note that the sock bun technique does not last very long so it might be a good idea to use mousse for added hold.