Comfortable shoes are a must when travelling (Clarkes)

Pink and orange block heel suede shoe with flat bow...gorgeous I tell ya!To be honest it’s not easy to look good whilst balancing on spike heels, especially when you’re not used to them. But when you get it right, a pair of heels can be a girl’s best friend – taking an outfit from a 6 to a 10. If you have a visual impairment or mobility issues, it can be even harder (sometimes impossible) to get the strut just right. However, if they can fit on your feet and you like them, then don’t be afraid to give them a try – remember nothing ventured nothing gained.  If you feel good in your heels (regardless of whether you’re just sitting or strutting) then go get those babies! (remember if you can’t do 6 inches, 2 or 3 will do).

Top tips for getting the most out of your heels…

Step 1: Before you walk around in your heels, find your core by standing still and straight and adjusting your posture until you feel both comfortable and poised.

Step 2: Once you have found the right heels for you, test them out by putting your heel down first before your toes (don’t plop them down at the same time, and don’t put your toes down first). Once your weight is on the balls of your feet, shift your weight forward, as if you’re walking on your tip toes.

Step 3: Take one step and stop. Now take two steps and stop. Keep on going until you feel that your balance is improving. Remember to strike an elegant pose for effect with every stop!

Things to remember:

Keep your legs close together. Catwalk models will often cross one foot slightly in front of the other to give their hips a little more sway, but it’ll take some extra practice to master this one.

When standing still in your heels, stand with the heel of one foot touching the middle of the other foot, while cocked at an angle from it. Put your weight on the toe of the foot in back and when it gets tired, switch.


Tips and tricks:

1. Want a sexy strut? Lengthen your legs, arch your back and push your butt and chest out. Shexy!

2. Practise in your heels in the supermarket or at home before wearing them out. This will stretch them a bit and will tell you whether they are ok for a couple of hours wear. Try them on different surfaces.

3. Taping your third and fourth toe together can make walking in high heels much easier. (Not too tight!)

4. Imagine you are your favourite supermodel and now strut!

5. Try the stairs at home before you go out – if you are visually impaired and have a fancy man, lean on him for this practise session or find yourself a sexy guide to lead you and lean on them whilst wearing your heels.

6. Doing yoga and any lower body exercises will firm up those leg muscles and actually keep you more balanced when strutting in heels.

7. Opt for wedges, thicker heels or kitten heels before you go for the 6 inch spikes. Remember to take baby steps when learning the art of perfect pose in killer heels.

8. Try shoes with ankle or foot straps for safety.

9. Sit down as often as possible before your shoes start to hurt your feet. Don’t wait until your feet are about to explode! Keep them rested before they hurt and they should last longer.

10. Try foot pads and bring along some plasters for sore areas and friction.

11. Massage your feet and soak them in hot water to alleviate stress heel and toe stress.

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