Model with long lashes

Finding a good mascara is like finding a good man, there are lots out there but not all of them are gonna be right for you – not to mention those ones that are just hype and packaging (the mascara not the men). For me, these are the worst! How many times have I been drawn in by the latest new product, only to find that despite the fancy packaging, funky design and often enormous tube (Seriously, what is that about?) what you have is a somewhat underwhelming product with an average wand. So what makes a good mascara? Well, it is all relative. For me a slim long brush, thick but not gloopy product, available in a waterproof and great for sensitive eyes….oh and discrete packaging.

This may not be the case for everyone, but that’s ok. There are lots to choose from out there. Here are a few that I have tried for the first time (in the interest of non-bias) and here are my thoughts…

The Innovators:

Shavata, Lash Fabricator £15: This product was pretty exciting. The Fabricator is to be used with the Shavata mascara. The mascara goes on first, and then the Fabricator is applied over it, coating your lashes with a multitude of tiny fibres, you then finish with another coat of mascara. The application process is a little tricky, you are told to look down when applying the Fabricator and this is really important because I didn’t and ended up with tiny fibres in my eyes and on my face (a brush is provided to get rid of them). With a bit of practise you could probably master this product and if you do you will end up with the thickest lashes you have ever had – I am not kidding. (longer length is harder to achieve because you need a lot of fibres to make the ends look as thick as the rest)
Accessibility: Tricky to use and the fibres end up all over your face. Small print, with not great contrast and limited grip. (Slippery when wet).

Blinc, Tube £15: I was looking forward to trying the Blinc mascara, as the idea of having my eyelashes coated in tiny water resistant tubes, that won’t run, smudge, clump or flake sounded pretty good.  The problem with this product is that it is great for people with thick eyelashes who want more length, but for those of us who have thinner lashes the tube effect can leave them looking even thinner (the tubing bonds them together creating a spiky look). You can separate your lashes and then give them a good few coats to fill them out, but you better quick as you only have 2 minutes to do this before the lashes harden.
Accessibility: Comes in a tin tube with lots of information both on the tube and on a print out which is also provided. Small print but good contrast (light on dark) good grip on outer tin but not on tube.

Circle of mascaras

Best Brushes:

Collection, Killer Curves £4.99: The brush has a sort of hour glass shape so that you get the benefit of having both a thick and thin brush.
Accessibility: Nice large print on the tube, good contrast. No grip. (slippery when wet)

Accessorize, Flutter Curl £5.00: In the shape of a Frisbee the brush is fab for applying mascara on all your lashes at the same time.
Accessibility: Logo has good contrast, no print on the tube at all to read. No grip. (Slippery when wet)

Vivo, VPL fibre: The brush looks like it has millions of tiny spikes coming out of it, so it is perfect for separating those lashes and avoiding clumping – no post app lash separating needed. Nice product consistency too.
Accessibility: Nice large print logo and absolutely fabulous contrast! (black on orange). No grip. (Slippery when wet).

Famous, Double your chances: This brush is slim and then round at the end, like a cotton wool bud. Brilliant application as I could use the different parts of the bush for my different eyelash lengths. The tube is super fun with a zebra print tip.
Accessibility: Nice large print. Great contrast (silver on black). No grip. (slippery when wet)

Best Product Consistency:

Terre D’oc, Beaute De Monde: The round brush works really with the thicker (but not gloopy) product consistency. Nice application and no need for multiple coating.
Accessibility: Bad colour choice – no contrast. No grip. (Slippery when wet).

Revitalash, Volumizing Mascara £19.50 – Editors Pick!: I loved the consistency of this product, it went on beautifully and I found that even though I usually like a long skinny brush, a medium sized short brush works just as well. Two coats and my lashes looked amazeballs…a great go-to product for me.
Accessibility: Good contrast, but small print. No grip. (Slippery when wet).

Oriflame, Volume Build: A lovely product with a good brush. A nice mascara for thickening the lashes without clumping and post app separating is not needed.
Accessibility: Bad contrast. No grip. (Slippery when wet).

Shavata lash fibresBest packaging:

Lord & Berry £13: I went for this one first because it looked so darn cool. Super chic black squared tube with a bold white logo. The product is pretty good and the wand is fine, but the package was so cool that I took it out with me as a show -off mascara on a night out with the girls!
Accessibility: Good contrast, nice sized print. Great grip, perfect for application in ladies toilets.

The Balm, Cheater!: The 1950’s style retro box is so much fun and I would be tempted to give this as a gift with a branded lippy to go with it. Both the consistency of the product and the brush are good for lengthening, but the packaging is what makes this a seller.
Accessibility: Good contrast, nice sized print. No grip (Slippery when wet).

Best Idea:

Green People £14.75: I loved this mascara because it felt so good to apply something that has 98.4% of its total ingredients from natural origins, and 15.4% of the total ingredients from natural farming. The consistency and brush are great and stayed on all day, with no irritation or smudging.
Accessibility: Good contrast, nice sized print. No grip (Slippery when wet).