Fred and Ginger salon interior - sunbeds

Fred and Ginger?

I had hoped to be greeted by a couple of dancing therapists, one wearing an evening gown and the other in a top hat and tails (trust me, I have witnessed even more extreme gimmicks than this). I was wrong, but not disappointed.   Instead, I was met by a washing line of frilly knickers in the window and a therapist called Suzie with a wicked laugh and waist length, jet black hair…yup, this was my type of salon!

Customer service: Don’t get me wrong, I am a chandeliers and champagne type of gal (well, when I can be). But sometimes it’s great to just relax, have a laugh, a chat and a treatment, this is exactly what I got at Fred and Ginger. Suzie was great fun and after offering me a shot of tequila (their renowned tequila wax gets it’s name from the tequila shot that is offered to you before the treatment) I settled down on the bed and waited for the procedure.

Microdermabrasion on modelQuality: After a little hesitation, (and a shot of tequila…did I mention the tequila?) I opted for the Dermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion intensely exfoliates and resurfaces the skin with the use of a small pen-like tool which removes the dead skin (like a really intensive facial scrub). The treatment is said to be great for removing acne scarring and wrinkles. Now, I had had a Microdermabrasion treatment before, it had left my skin dry and sore with red marks that stayed for days.  Suzie assured me that her treatment was much less invasive, so with a promise that she would be careful, I went for it. Wow, my skin – which was dry and oily (yes, this is possible with combination skin) – was left glowing and as smooth as a baby’s bum.

Decor: The salon has a quirky, almost kitsch feel with comic themed illustrations and pop art everywhere. Camden is the perfect location for this salon, it is so much fun and would be the ideal stop-off before heading out for drinks locally. This is the kind of place that you could visit with friends and end up spending most of your time chatting whilst being waxed or spray tanned.

Accessibility: The salon is 5 minutes walk from Camden station and although quite small at the entrance, the salon is all on one level  – pretty great for anyone with mobility issues. The treatment costs £39, so it won’t break the bank and you will really see the difference in your skin. If you are unused to salon treatments, don’t worry, as going to Fred and Ginger’s is like visiting friends and getting defuzzed and scrubbed at the same time.

Treatment details: Clearer tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, less pigmentation and blemishes, reduction of acne and acne scarring.

Venue details:
Fred and Ginger 
52 Parkway
Camden Town

Tel: 020 7284 0888