Peacock hatI am getting married, so as they say it is time to go out and buy a hat.

If you can sense a lack of enthusiasm coming from me, it isn’t because of my lovely fiancé. The truth is, that it has not been easy planning the upcoming event – even though we have about a year until we actually tie the knot. Stuff like where to have the wedding, who to invite…BRIDESMAIDS! 3 months into the planning and I am exhausted. Suffice to say my stress levels have been pretty high. So, on receiving an invitation to a wedding show  the other day, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy –  Oh great a sea of cream taffeta! But I was wrong, as this was not your traditional wedding show. What a blast!  The ‘Most Curious Wedding Fair‘ was like walking into a world of quirky gorgeousness and well worth the visit to Shoreditch. Not only did I try on some fabulous hats and head pieces, I got to meet some amazing designers, milliners and a bunch of other people who were so interesting I didn’t want to leave. The hightlight of the event was a feather headpiece and handbag made from a bird by Anne Barclay (check out the bag on the right), Some gorgeous flowers by Love Blooms, and a stunning dress by Jessica Charleston – Seriously, 3 dresses in one? – give that woman a prize.

Jessica is based in Bath and has a boutique there, so those who are interested can give some of her glamorous pieces a go. I know where I will be heading for my next holiday. 

There were so many wonderful hats on show, I tried my best to snap all of them but with a cake in one hand and dress in another, it wasn’t easy.

Feather hat

Talking of hats, I had the great pleasure of being sent a couple  by a fantastic Milliner called Katie Vale. she designs special occasion hats, with a range of large, small and fascinators to choose from.  I love this one below!

What do you think of these Katie Vale beauties?

Katie Vale hatKatie Vale fascinator

Visit A Most Curious Wedding Fair