Multi coloured bright Idea bulbsThis is my tribute to all of the bright ideas that were never actioned… to the things that we have all wondered about, but never actually voiced. And to those unbelievably stupid things, that we just let pass…Why? Because it feels good to vent of course.

Item 1: Why would you make an eyelash curler that looks like an instrument of torture? You know what I mean, the metal ones that look like a mini guillotine. Why would you design it to look like that when it is something to be used near the most sensitive part of your body?

Item 2: Why do hair straighteners have to be held at that horribly awkward angle? Can’t they be designed so that they are wide not long? With a handle at the side not the middle? Makes sense to me.

Item 3: Why on earth can’t I charge my phone from someone elses phone battery? You know, there should be a wire that I can connect to someone elses Iphone to suck some of their battery power out. A man has walked on the moon, yet this has not yet been invented.

Item 4: Why don’t tampons come with a plastic bar at the end of the string so you never EVER forget – if you know what I mean?

Item 5: Why do bras come with back hooks and not side zips?

Items 6: Why don’t ALL socks come with some kind of inside hook which you can use to attach the pairs together when washing?

Item 7: Why can’t I phone my keyring? You know, so that I can always find my keys when they are lost somewhere in the house / bag / wash basket / fridge…

Item 8: Why can’t pen friends be free?…and all other useful gadgets.

Item 9: Why do non disposable toilet brushes exist? – They are foul harbourers of germs that live in a soup of faecal matter. Eugh

Anymore for anymore?