There appears to be something very wrong with my skin. I am not sure if it is linked to my present mood (super stressed) or whether it is the weather change. Either way, I have spots, dry skin on my arms and legs and a weird dry itchy flaky patch on my back. Wth!?!?!  Ok, it is not the worst thing that could happen to a person, but that coupled with my bad diet and unhealthy hair mean that I look a bit of dogs dinner at the mo…Look good, feel great? Not today love.

I cannot be the only one suffering right now, so I have scoured the globe (well, my PR pals anyway) and selected the best moisturisers from a very long list.  For those who think that any moisturiser will do, you are wrong! Bah. I now know this from experience…Check out the StyleAble best of the best list of body creams for dry skin:

Best smell

I couldn’t choose so I give you two…

Woods of Windsor, True Rose £8.75:

Literally smells like a bunch of roses in full bloom. Gorgeous, fresh and delicate.  It really lingers so you could go without a perfume with this one.  Great after a bubble bath or when preparing for a romantic evening.

Body Firming Cream, MuradWeleda, Pomegranate £21.95:

This has quite an unusual smell, but it is sweet and fruity and does not overpower for long. Not a subtle fragrance so maybe one for after the morning shower, as by the time you leave the house it would have faded nicely.

Best texture

Angela Langford, Spice of Life Lemon Grass and Ginger £17.50:

If I had to eat one of these creams it would have to be this one. With the consistency of a heavy mousse desert, it feels so good to smooth this cream on. Absolute luxury with a great smell too.

Best for very dry skin

Green People, Body Butter £19.95:

If this doesn’t get rid of dry skin, I don’t know what will. A pot of solid pomegranate, rosehip and coconut that melts into an oil consistency as you smooth it on. 99% organic, 100% moisturising.

Best looking bottle

Warming Body Oil, Ajala SpaAjala Spa, Warming Body Oil £12.99:

Yes I know this doesn’t really count in terms of moisturising your skin, but if like me you like to display your products in your bathroom then the look of the bottle kind of makes a difference…no?  Well, Ajala spa win major points for having an absolutely gorgeous bottle, but then lose points for accessibility (the print is really hard to read).

Best for skin quality

Celluscription, Cellu Therapy Cellulite Control Cream £61:

Let me make something very clear, I do not believe that there is anything out there that can get rid of cellulite (other than liposuction and I am not a fan). However, this cream felt great going on my wobbly thighs and kept my skin feeling supple.  Lovely smell too.

Murad, Body firming cream £39

This cream felt great on my hips, thighs and upper arms, it actually felt as if my skin was becoming firmer…although maybe I just really wanted to believe that it would give me those Michelle Obama arms! Either way I liked it.

Best dual purpose product

Lip and Cuticle moisturiser, MuradMurad, Soothing Skin, Lip and Cuticle Care £13:

We all like a multi-tasker don’t we? This little beauty is best on the lips, but is a fab handbag essential to tackle dry hands in an emergency – you know, like when you notice that your hands are dry and you have to pay for something…that kind of emergency. Good for dry spots on your face too.

Best on a budget

Vaseline…nuff said.